Charlotte McKinney’s New Hand Bra Photo Should Be Illegal

Two words: Charlotte McKinney. If you don’t know who she is by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock, or trapped at sea, or somewhere else the Internet doesn’t exist. She is pretty much the winner of hottest everything, and this new picture that she put out makes me feel….funny.

My Gawd

Others have set out to break the Internet intentionally (cough, Kim Kardashian, cough), Charlotte McKinney does it every day she wakes up. First it was a cheeseburger hand bra, now it’s the real thing. And then there’s her Instagram. Don’t look at her Instagram if you need to concentrate on anything for the next five hours. Charlotte McKinney is the girl that walks by whom you can’t help but look at. You may be on your one-year anniversary with your girlfriend, but your head is still turning. There’s no resisting it. You girlfriend will understand too. McKinney is a genetic collision that you just don’t see every day. Pretty much the embodiment of perfection, she is going up on every guy’s wall. Or at least somewhere in their room.

The picture

So now that you’ve completely bypassed anything I’ve written just to see her latest absurdly hot photo, I present to you the Charlotte McKinney hand bra that’ll drop your jaw, courtesy of Buffalo Jeans. I am not sure what it is about her, but there is something that makes me tingle. I am not sure if this is even legal, and would

certainly be enough to get you put in jail a hundred years ago. Man, I need to do take a break for a bit.


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