Seth Maness Girlfriend Coleman Cox Is Fired-Up Smoke

Seth Maness’ girlfriend, Coleman Cox, didn’t like what she saw from the St. Louis Cardinals during Tuesday night’s Game 3. And neither did Bravo’s Andy Cohen, who sent out a few frustrated tweets while pondering the Cards’ moves after Randy Choate blew a lead and the game.

Cox, using Maness’ Twitter account, agreed with Cohen. She retweeted the tweets, then deleted them, then favorited them, then deleted the favorites. Follow along? Below are two different screen shots of the action.

Cox later tweeted at Cohen to clear the air, and then apparently deactivated her own Twitter account.

And that, ladies, is exactly what you don’t want to do while your boyfriend is battling for a trip to the World Series. It’s probably better just to leave your significant other’s Twitter account alone altogether.

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