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Cleats Designed for Mobility – Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 Review (Product Guide)

With the Elite 2.0, Nike has taken everything people loved about the original Elites and imbued it with new technology. The redesigned outsole plate and stud geometry, plus a heavy duty knit upper creates a high-end protective cleat that doesn’t compromise lightness and flexibility.

In fact, with Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Elite 2 football cleats, you’ll immediately notice an enhanced foot mobility, a dynamic off-the-ball traction, and of course, a better ability to run downhill and make a big play.

Let’s take a look at this Elite upgrade in this comprehensive Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 review!

Overview of the Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Elite 2 Football Cleats

With features like a midfoot strap for containment, TPU yarn in the insole to protect the feet, and a traction plate locked down on to the footbed of the cleat, Nike has built a cleat specifically for multidirectional threats.

Russell Wilson and Saquon Barkley wear the Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Elite 2 football cleats, which indicates that this pair is top of the line, industry-first cleats designed for pros.



Before You Buy Cleats: 3 Things to Consider

#1 Overall Fit

The first thing to consider when buying a pair of cleats is its fit on the athlete’s feet and his or her playing position. 

For instance, an offensive lineman is unlikely to feel secure wearing a low-top cleat, as those typically emphasize speed and agility with compromises made to sturdiness and ankle support.

Likewise, a wide receiver is going to feel over encumbered by a high-top cleat that provides ankle support at the cost of explosive speed

However, this is not a hard and fast rule – the only way to get the right fit is to try and fit a variety of cleats.

#2 Maximized Comfort

Comfort is also important, as all the features and benefits of a cleat can be made moot if the athlete is in pain wearing the shoes.

In particular to the Alpha Menace Elite 2, the cleats are somewhat narrow, so those with wider feet may find the cleats a little tight.

Another thing worth considering when it comes to comfort is if the cleats fit true to size. You cannot necessarily order your normal shoe size as the cleats might not fit quite right.

If your heel slips a little while running, it’s going to dampen your ability. Therefore, it’s best to try the cleat on before purchasing.

#3 Great Appearance

What does appearance have to do with football, you say?

Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis firmly believed in the adage, “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you play good.”

That motto certainly helped Jerome Bettis win a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it could help you win a Super Bowl in your hometown, too.

Apply a thin layer, especially on your toes and heels, to reduce the friction between your skin and the cleat. You should then walk with your new football cleat at home. This will allow your feet to get used to the new cleat. You can then slowly introduce the new cleat in your football training.

Features and Benefits of the Alpha Menace Elite 2

With the Alpha Menace Elite 2, Nike has made sure to design a cleat that checks all the boxes above. Pro players love these cleats, and with all of the features and benefits we’re about to dig into, it’s easy to see why.


The Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Elite 2 cleats were created with professionals in mind.[1]

The design is lightweight, with a ton of Phylon cushioning in the midsole and underfoot of the cleat to protect players from the worst hits and tackles on the field. Phylon-soled shoes, in particular, are especially useful for their extreme durability even with frequent use.

Moreover, Nike has increased the flexibility of the Alpha Menace Elite 2 cleat from previous iterations. It allows the wearer to maneuver around the gridiron while feeling unencumbered.

This flexibility is achieved by an outsole plate that supports and cradles the foot. It further stabilizes the ankle and helps athletes reduce the incurrence of ankle injuries. 

In fact, the data-generated outsole plate has substantially increased the support and security of the heel and ankle in particular, allowing the player to cut, juke, and dash without the possibility of breaking the ankle.

Meanwhile, at the midfoot, a heel strap hooks and loops to enclose the foot. This tightens the fit and gives the foot utmost support. It promotes an extremely “locked-in” feeling. Additionally, the pull tabs at the heel and tongue supports a quick and pain-free removal and adjustment to the cleat. Essentially, the outsole is perfect for players who like to adjust their cleats in game.

Lastly, Nike has redesigned the geometric pattern of the cleat’s studs, adding triangular-shaped molds on the heel to provide superior traction. This is a great feature for those that rely on explosive speed to make plays on the ball, as the Alpha Menace Elite 2 will have you propelling forward to make game-changing plays.


Nike equipped the Alpha Menace Elite 2 with TPU yarns in the forefoot of the shoe to add strength and protection to the vulnerable areas of the foot.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is flexible, durable, and wear-resistant, effectively preventing a player’s foot from getting crushed should it get stepped on or carry the weight of a collision during a game.

The Alpha Menace Elite 2 also features a Pebax propulsion plate in between its midsole layers to act as a launching pad for each stride made. This also adds further support and stability to the player.

Overall, everything about the technology in this cleat is designed to create the perfect, all-purpose cleat for any type of player.


The Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 football cleats have a heavy-duty knit upper made of Flyknit that secures the foot and ankle, while remaining extremely flexible and stretchy. This ensures a high-level of breathability and support during an intense game.

What’s more, the high flexibility of the knit upper, combined with the traction in the outsole, makes it possible for a player to cut, juke and high-step into the endzone effortlessly.

The only downside of the Elite 2’s is that it may offer too much protection, which some wearers may find cause for interference. This is especially true if a player wears an ankle brace. The high-top knit upper can interfere with the brace and hinder movement.

However, thanks to its sturdy upper, the Alpha Menace Elite 2 is perfect for players who make lateral movements on every play such as slot receivers, pocket quarterbacks, roaming safeties, bruising running backs and defensive linemen. Their ankles will always remain protected.


Unlike many other cleats in the high-end pool, the Nike Alpha Elite Menace 2 equips lace-up and strap closures for a snug and comfortable fit. 

For increased containment, Nike added an internal saddle with sidewalls that wraps upwards and around the foot to cradle it completely. 

This is an underrated but a great feature of the cleat as it prevents the foot from slipping or moving that can cause injuries to the ankle.[2]

What Players are Saying About the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2

We scoured the world wide web for online reviews of this particular cleat and found positive comments.

“Well worth the price”

“Provides excellent traction”

“Good for all-around players”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Alpha Menace Elite 2 is better than the Elite 1 because of the improved knit collar that ensures the heel and ankle stay secure. This is extremely important when you walk or take off running with the ball in hand. Plus, the Elite 2 is more visually appealing than the first Nike Alpha Menace Elite.

These cleats weigh 12.6 oz for a size 9.

High-top cleats are better for football as they give more stability to the player. Enhanced stability ensures that the shoes won’t fall off due to a tight, supportive feel.

High-top cleats such as the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 also give extra protection to the ankle.

Final Words

Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Elite 2 cleats could help you become a better player. Overall, this pair of cleats is a great buy as it reduces foot and ankle injuries. As an athlete, it is crucial you have proper footwear that will help you have longevity in your career. 

Through its lightweight and flexible technology, comfort and stabilization of the feet and heels is pretty close to perfect. Plus, with its redesigned geometric stud pattern, the Alpha Menace Elite 2 will have you propelling, leaping, and jumping into the endzone with grace.

The only downside of this cleat is it may hinder movements when the wearer is using an ankle brace. Therefore, this pair is not best to use by a player that has an existing injury.


Enjoyed the above article? If so, check out this comprehensive buyer’s guide and review.


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