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Superb Traction: Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Review (Product Guide)

Nike has done a great job with optimizing the Alpha Menace Pro for ultimate speed and comfort. With its super features, all you have to worry about is making the play downfield.

In fact, making a play is easier than ever with the cleat’s 3-sided studs that propel you forward and helps you cut, juke, and change direction on a dime.

With low-profile cushioning and breathable materials, Nike aimed for the Alpha Menace Pro to fulfill its purpose without distracting or encumbering the player.

Keep reading this Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid review to see whether all that breathability and support truly gives you a snug and comfortable fit.

Overview of the Nike Alpha Menace Pro

With features like Flywire technology to keep your foot locked-in, a TPU traction plate locked down on to the footbed of the cleat, and a re-designed stud configuration, Nike built this cleat specifically for multidirectional threats.

Versatile, innovative and highly breathable, there is a lot to love about the Nike Alpha Menace Pro, even if it has since become somewhat obsolete with the advent of its successors–the Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2 and Alpha Menace Elite line.

In fact, one of the only cons of this pair of cleats is that it might be difficult to find in stores today.



Things to Consider Before You Buy Cleats

Not every cleat is made the same! Before your purchase cleats, here are three important factors to consider.

#1 Your Position

Every football playing position has a specific purpose, and every cleat is designed to help fill these certain specific purposes. Therefore, the cleat most ideal to you will help enhance your skills for your role on the field.

This means that you should not only take into account your playing position, but also what your playing style is.

For example, if you’re a speed player, you’re most likely going to want to run in low-top cleats, as their lightweight designs offer more speed, which help you burst off the line of scrimmage.


On the other hand, if you’re a lineman, low-top cleats will not do you any good, as the lack of ankle support will have you treading in the trenches. For linemen and other players that rely on power, high-top cleats might be more beneficial.

An easy hack to get you on the right track is to research the brand and type of cleats your idol professional players wear. For example, if you want to play like Travis Kelce, look up the cleats he wears on gameday. If those cleats are out of your budget, try to find predecessors of the same cleat. For example, if the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 are too expensive, try to find the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 2 or 1.

#2 Comfort

All that amazing, industry-first technology is completely useless if your shiny new cleats are uncomfortable to wear!

Those lightweight padding, innovative cushioning and comfortable support do nothing if the cleats run narrow and your feet end up swollen every time you put the cleats on.

Imagine that discomfort while playing a game, running at full blast to make a play down the field. It’s safe to say that uncomfortable cleats are going to negatively affect your performance.

Playing on the gridiron is, after all, painful enough as it is. Don’t make things more painful for yourself by not carefully researching your cleats, checking to see if they fit true to size, or run large or narrow.

Always try the cleats on beforehand if possible. If you’re set on ordering online, make sure to note the website’s return policy so you can return your cleats if you have to.

#3 Appearance

There’s an old maxim in sports: “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.”

Vanity aside, who doesn’t want to get paid, right? But there is some psychology behind the idea. It’s called enclothed cognition, where the clothing you wear influences your energy.[1]

According to the theory of enclothed cognition, you build up some extra swagger when you’re wearing certain clothing, and that little extra swagger can give you an extra pep in your step. That extra pep can be the difference between catching that long ball that the quarterback has overthrown by about ten yards, or watching it fall aimlessly to the turf.

It’s science.

Features and Benefits of the Nike Alpha Pro Menace

The Nike Alpha Pro Menace was designed with speed and comfort in mind. With a synthetic-mesh upper and Flywire technology that makes you feel like you’re wearing a sock instead of a cleat, there is plenty here for skill players to love.

Comfort and breathability

The Nike Alpha Menace Pro features a Phylon wedge in the heel that delivers protective, lightweight cushioning. Phylon is made of compressed EVA foam pellets, which can be expanded and cooled to mold around the sole of the foot.

The Phylon heel offers flexibility and comfort in terms of foot mobility, while the rubber sole provides traction and sturdiness.

The skin-molded upper is made of breathable mesh and synthetic skins that feel incredibly light. Plus, they will have your feet dry even over the course of an intense game.


The Nike Alpha Menace Pro comes in White, Rush Orange, Black, Red and Royal Blue.


Upper construction of the Nike Alpha Menace Pro is made of a single-layer mesh with a midfoot overlay. This enables breathability, support, and durability to power through the rigors of the game.

Additionally, the cleat’s under sole is made of a quality rubber that does not deform easily and offers a lot of padding.

Grip and Traction

Flywire technology makes a return to the Nike Alpha Menace Pro. This Nike patented feature is great, as the material of the cleat at the midsole locks your foot into place to keep it from shifting or slipping during the course of play.[2]


This helps provide stability and traction. Plus, the added TPU plate at the bottom of the cleats further provides lightweight traction.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, and is a flexible and durable elastomer that has become standard for the construction of hard plastic outsoles that house the studs of the cleat.

Speaking of studs, Nike has specifically re-designed them to be configured as 3-sided studs. This is an underrated but important feature, as the 3-sided studs help provide enough traction to accelerate, brake and change direction at the drop of a dime.

Here’s another awesome Nike cleat with amazingly powerful traction. 

What are people saying

Here’s what players are saying about the Nike Alpha Menace Pro.

“Highly recommended for skill players”

“Looks great”

“Firm, but flexible”

Frequently Asked Questions

Nike Flywire cables are high-strength threads inspired by NASA and Kevlar materials that give exceptional support acting as suspension cables for athletic shoes and even performance apparel.  These cables wrap around the foot creating a tight fit that ensures the shoe will not slip off.

The different strands of Flywire technology offer support and flexibility. Flywire threads have minimal construction keeping the shoe light-weight, resulting in quick response time on the field, without adding any unnecessary bulk or padding.

A Pebax propulsion plate gives the athlete support and stability, increasing the longevity of the shoe. These plates are located between the midsole layers and act as a launching pad on the field. This will be extremely beneficial at toe-off when maximum energy is needed.

Pebax plates are made from a springy, high tech polymer which gives so much support that it reduces fatigue and ankle injury. To test the Pebax propulsion plate in your shoe, fold the shoe in half and see how quickly it springs back.

The Nike Alpha Menace Pro is mainly made for running backs or linebackers. As the technology in these shoes focuses on speed and agility, they are extremely light-weight and supportive making them best for an athlete that needs to sprint on the field.

Final Words

Overall, the Nike Alpha Menace Pro is a great cleat with a ridiculous amount of traction that enables you to juke easily without compromising the security of your ankles and feet. You’ll run routes better than ever in these cleats.

On top of that, these cleats look and feel great. However, they run a little narrow and can be a little rigid when first breaking in, so keep in mind the sizing and fit when purchasing.

Please click here if you are interested in learning more about the Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid.


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