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A Cleat for Linemen? Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD Review (Buyer’s Guide)

With the innovative NikeSkin that provides unrivaled durability and protection, the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD is built to withstand the trenches.

The line of scrimmage is where football games are won and lost. With the help from defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, Nike has developed a cleat specifically with linemen in mind.

With the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD, Nike promises to offer a cleat with first-step explosiveness, protection, and multi-directional grip. Keep reading this comprehensive Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD review if you want to know if it delivers its promise.

Overview of the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD

Nike says it created the Lunarbeast Elite TD cleats for those split-second reactions in the trenches – those battles at the line of scrimmage that can be the difference between a ten yard loss or a 60 yard touchdown.[1]

A 60 yard touchdown requires a football player to have speed, agility and powerful traction. Nike has designed a cleat with an innovative stud geometry and a comfortable, lightweight base base for a player to have these essential qualities on the field.

If you’re a lineman or a tight end, there are several reasons why you should love this cleat. You’ll find full freedom of movement without any sacrifices to lateral ankle stability and support.



Things to Know Before Buying Cleats

There are two main factors to consider before you decide if the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD is for you.

#1 Your Position

With regards to the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD, it was made for players like Rob Gronkowski, Leonard Williams and Khalil Mack. And since its high-knit collar provides superior ankle support, some speedy receivers may find that the additional protection weighs them down.

You are not likely to see Odell Beckham Jr. or Julio Jones wearing high-top cleats like the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD, so it’s important to consider your position and what kind of player you want to be before purchasing.

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#2 Comfortable Fit

Before purchasing cleats, another priority is to see how it fits your feet.

If you don’t have a chance to try the cleats on before purchasing, make sure to research whether the cleats fit true to size or need to be purchased at a size larger. 

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We are glad to tell you that the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD fits true to size, so it’s safe to choose a cleat size that matches your shoe size.

Getting the right size includes making sure you are comfortable in your cleats. No amount of cutting-edge technology will make up for the pain you might encounter when wearing an ill-fitting pair during the intensity of a football game.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to talk to your teammates about their experiences with their cleats, and to research and read all the reviews you can find, just like this one.

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Features and Benefits of the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD

The main benefit of the Lunarbeast Elite TD, as we shall see, is it’s unrivaled durability and powerful traction system. 

It doesn’t have the cutting-edge technology of some of Nike’s newer cleats, like the Untouchable Pro 3 Speed, but it’s focus on linemen makes it one of the better cleats specifically for the position.


The Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD is made of patented Nike Skin, an incredibly durable material that fits tight on the cleat.

Other cleats in the past have used suede material, which can get beaten up over the course of the season, and can even get ripped by another player’s cleats.

Nike Skin, on the other hand, has excellent durability, offers protection, and has a rigid build around the toes.[2]

Moreover, NikeSkin is a material that is easy to wash, allowing you to keep your cleats clean and fresh throughout the football season.

Nike’s dynamic Flywire also makes a return to the Lunarbeast Elite TD, with cables that run around the midsole of the foot. These can be tightened easily to hug your feet and keep them locked in place.

The Lunarbeast Elite also features a cushioned lunar lawn midsole, which is a kind of foam, tempurpedic material that offers some bounce in the midsole to keep the feet loose and comfortable. This is a great feature as it’ll give you a spring as you step, and counteracts the rigidity of the Flywire cables in the midsole.

However, perhaps the best thing about the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD is it also has a proprioceptive high-collar foam material around the ankle, giving you high ankle support.

Overall, the material used on the Lunarbeast Elite TD is made to allow full freedom of movement without sacrificing lateral ankle stability and support. This is great for defensive and offensive lineman, as well as outside linebackers and players that need to dominate the point-of-contact.


The Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD has a molded TPU plate with three different kinds of studs, all of which are molded and cannot be removed.

First, you have the large molded studs which help to dig into the ground. The edges are serrated to further improve traction, and are enhanced with edge blades on the side of the cleat to help with planting. Plus, talons in the back further help grab to the ground.

Additionally, there are two specific studs on the back of the cleat to plant the post or kick foot, and Nike has designed the studs to be very high to provide unrivaled speed through force.


The Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD only weighs 16 ounces and fits true to size. So if you regularly wear size 9 shoes, you should be good at ordering size 9.

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What Are People Saying About the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD?

We scoured the online web but could not find any reviews of the Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD.

This might have to do with the fact that the cleats were released in 2015, and are therefore not readily available or in stock in many stores.

Your best bet is to check a local equipment store and try the cleats on for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Defensive ends, linemen, and linebackers mostly use the Nike Lunarbeast Elite cleats as they offer the ability to be extremely explosive. Thanks to superb ankle support and Flywire cables players are able to harness this power.

Yes, the NikeSkin goes above and beyond weight, durability, and protection. The technology is in the name itself, this shoe feels snug and offers support around the foot. NikeSkin offers protection from the cleats of other players by way of its extremely durable material.

Hypervenoms are said to be good for traction, power, and agility.  They are great for weaving in and out of players on the field.


Typically, football cleats can be heavy in weight, which causes the player to have less power on the field. This results in the other player getting to the ball first as well as the possibility of injury.

The Nike Lunarbeast Elite TD Cleat solves these problems as it offers a lightweight feel, durability and support. The Flywire cables, NikeSkin and high-cut collar enable players to take-off quickly, while keeping the feet and ankle stable and protected. 

The only downside to this exceptional durability protection and support is that the shoe can be difficult to put on due to its snug fit.


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