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The Gloves of Legends? Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 Product Review (Product Guide)

Remember that one-handed catch Odell Beckham Jr. made versus the Cowboys? Can you guess the gloves he was wearing? Yes, it was the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 football gloves.

The Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 football gloves are commonly used by professional football players. You don’t necessarily need these gloves to make highlight reel plays, since catching a football also depends on your own ability – however, having them on certainly enhances your catching reliability.

Let’s take a closer look at these popular, so-called legendary gloves in the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 review below.

Overview of the Nike Vapor Jets 3.0

Nike designed the Nike Vapor Jets 3.0 specifically for wide receivers. These gloves are chock-full of benefits and features that make catching a football easier than ever.

Take, for example, the patented MAGNIGRIP, which maximizes the catching surface of your hand to help you bring down the hard to reach catches. Those errant throws that whisk off the tips of your fingers will no longer happen. Because now, if you can touch the football, you will most likely catch the football.

But wait. These Nike gloves are also beneficial for quarterbacks – especially those with low completion percentages. These gloves can boost their percentages by ten percent. 



3 Things To Consider Before Buying Gloves

Before purchasing a new pair of gloves, consider these three factors:

#1 Fit

Your gloves should fit snug but not constricting, and should cover the end of your fingertips without any extra room. Therefore, make sure to try the gloves on your hands before purchasing. 

Moreover, take note that there is a difference in sizing between the Adult and Youth lines. Ensure that your option is the appropriate one, especially if you are ordering online.

Another thing to look into about a football glove’s fit is your playing position. Football is a position-based sport, therefore, football gloves must reflect the responsibility and role of your position. 

A primary ball-handler, such as the quarterback or running back, might prefer something more lightweight and with less padding so that their grip on the ball is not affected.

On the other hand, a lineman will probably want thicker and more durable gloves with excess padding to protect themselves from the play-to-play impact and overextending the wrist. See our article of the best linemen gloves in this guide.

#2 Features and Material

The right pair of gloves with the right set of features can instantaneously make you a better player. Imagine the right pair of gloves breaking down on you while you’re on 4th and goal with the game on the line.

This is why features and material are of utmost importance. Your performance and the safety of your hands depends on it. 

In general, avoid buying lower-quality gloves for the sake of saving money. It might be better to get outside of your budget to pick up the perfect pair.

#3 Appearance

Having that extra little swagger because you look and feel like a million bucks could help you secure a million bucks.

It’s not vanity, it’s science! It’s science that was proven true when Deon Sanders infamously said, “look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Play good, they pay good.”

So in the wise words of Primetime, go out there, look great, and get that bread. See our list best football gloves here.

Features and Benefits of the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0

Make some electrifying, game-changing catches with the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 football gloves, designed with a ton of sticky technology to help you look cool as you leave everyone’s jaws on the floor.

Advanced Breathability

Nike designed the Vapor Jet 3.0 with extremely breathable mesh material, stretch-woven across the back to keep you cool as a cucumber.

This is achieved thanks to mini ventilated mesh panels which add the extra air circulation, which in turn creates lightweight comfort across the back-of-hand.

Super Natural Fit

Strategically placed, durable pinky seams provide a locked-in fit, keeping your hand snug and tight inside the glove. Moreover, Nike has added adjustable wrist closures to further secure the gloves for ideal performance.

The real meat and potatoes are in the dual-tension molded wrist straps that adds to the locked-in feeling, offering the ability to create a custom fit while reducing bunching. The bunching reduction is an underrated feature, as it improves catchability and helps deliver high-level performance.  

Nike has also added articulated thumbs that enhance dexterity and overall feel. With all of these features, you’ll barely notice yourself wearing these gloves.

Combat Protection

The Nike Vapor Jets 3.0 are SFIA certified, which simply means that the gloves have been assessed in a rigorous and independent manner.

This pair of gloves are lightweight yet tough, and is built specifically for Varsity and Pro players. The TPU overlay bonds to the mesh center panel to allow for additional comfort while keeping the glove tight and durable. TPU, in particular, is incredibly tough, and does not wilt against the heat and sweat of an intense game.[1]

The gloves can also be worn in versatile ways, with the ability to lock down the wrist strap for added protection, or flip up the cuff for increased comfort.

As a nice added bonus, Nike has added an external jock tag on the wrist cuff that lets you write your name and number, ensuring that your gloves won’t get mixed up with anybody else’s.

Here’s a list of the best protective football gears for youth and adult.

Extra Sticky Grip


The Nike Vapor Jets 3.0 features Nike’s patented MAGNIGRIP which provides a superior, ultra-sticky catching surface to help you catch even the errant throws.[2]

What’s more, Nike has maximized the catching surface of the MAGNIGRIP across the palm, adding exceptional tack and grip to withstand all sorts of playing conditions.

What Players are Saying About the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0

Here’s what they’re saying about the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 in the world wide web:

“Overall great gloves”

“Highly recommended”

“Grip stays for months”

If you want to know where to order jerseys online, see our compilation of the best NFL jersey stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Nike gloves can be put in the washer but only on the cold and delicate cycle. This is important to ensure the longevity of the material, as hot water can ruin your gloves. Try to use non-fragrant and gentle detergents on your gloves as well. 

If your gloves are made of synthetic materials, you may need to buy a special soap to wash them. One that is highly recommended online for athletes is WIN Sports Detergent. Their website states that synthetic fibres in working apparel trap oils produced in sweat when we exercise.

Since synthetic apparel is designed for an athlete that doesn’t want to be wet, it repels water, but holds onto oil and bacteria. So your cotton clothes may not need a special detergent, but those new synthetic Nike gloves do.

Follow these four easy steps on how to wash your gloves:

  1. If you play on natural grass, it is especially important to wipe off your gloves before washing. Use a dry cloth to wipe off excess dirt.    
  2. Turn the gloves inside out to keep the material like new and check the directions on the inside of the glove.  Are the gloves machine washable? Not all are, you may need to hand-wash. 
  3. A laundry bag will maintain the look and feel of your gloves over several washes, so make sure to put your gloves in a bag or pillowcase. Add your special detergent, put your wash on cold and gentle.
  4. Once the gloves are washed, hang them to dry or lay them flat on a dry towel. Never use heat on your gloves which can damage the elasticity in the gloves which can make them looser.

Usually if your gloves are smelling it is because they need deep-cleaning as oils and sweat may be trapped inside the material. Use these steps to wash your gloves quickly and easily:

  1. Mix some gentle detergent and water in a container. Ensure the water is cool or cool-warm, but no hotter than lukewarm as hot temperatures can damage the material of your gloves.
  2. Next, dunk your gloves in the soapy water mix and let them sit for a couple minutes. Then using a gentle touch lightly wash the gloves with your hands. Try not to rip or tear any part of the gloves as you are washing.
  3. Give the gloves a rinse after you have cleaned them with fresh water. Rinse until there are no longer bubbles to remove any soap. Once rinsed, hang to dry. It is extremely important to not put hand-wash only gloves in the dryer. If your gloves still have a foul smell, pop a couple dryer sheets in once dry.

Receivers wear gloves because the environment has an impact on how they play. To control some of this impact and minimize slippage and injury, many receivers wear gloves on the field. Gloves help receivers catch the ball with less impact on their hands and can keep them warm in cold temperatures.

Thicker gloves are available for players who play in extreme colds. The ultra-sticky grip on football gloves can also give the catcher an advantage.

Football gloves should fit snug. However, it is extremely important that they are not too tight. If your gloves are too tight they will restrict blood flow as well as your hand movement. 

Also find out how football helmets fit in this review. 

Final Words

Nike offers a lightweight, breathable glove in the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0. With its ultra-stick traction, these gloves give you the best chance at making those highlight reel plays.

You will immediately notice your catching ability improve. And with the improved confidence, you’ll find yourself growing as a receiver by leaps and bounds.

We can’t recommend these gloves enough. Again, these are the gloves OBJ wore during his most famous play. Its value speaks for itself.


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