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Gloves for All Football Positions? Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Review (Product Guide)

After a two-year break, Nike is back with the Nike Vapor Jet – an all-purpose, all-position glove made with durable material that still somehow feels incredibly lightweight.

With a ventilated mesh construction and an adjustable wrist closure for a custom fit, players wearing these gloves will barely notice having them on during the game. For sure, they will feel more like a second skin than gloves.

On top of that, Nike has brought back the MAGNIGRIP palm that was very popular on their previous iterations of the Nike Vapor Jet. This time, however, they’ve extended the catching surface of the glove to offer incredible grip and flexibility to help you catch even the overthrown passes.

Discover more of these gloves features from our Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 review!

Overview of the Nike Vapor Jet 5.0

Nike’s line of Vapor Jets is well-known in footballing circles, as some of the best professional players wear them, like Odell Beckham Jr.

The Nike Vapor Jet football gloves deliver high-level performance by improving catchability, and this has not changed with the Vapor Jets 5.0. In fact, Nike has taken everything people loved about the previous versions and further optimized those features, such as maximizing the sticky MAGNIGRIP palm to expand the catching surface of your hand.

Moreover, unlike other receiver gloves that feel super thin and light but offer no protection, Nike has managed to combine durable padding in the pinky seams with a lightweight feel to provide a locked-in fit



Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Gloves

Before you decide to purchase a pair of gloves, consider if they fit these three categories well:

#1 The Fit

It’s most ideal to try your gloves on before purchasing. As a general rule, your gloves should fit snug but should not constrict your hands, and should concordantly cover the end of your fingertips without any extra room (unlike cleats).


This is particularly important because no amount of technology or features can overcome ill-fitting gloves. If your gloves bunch, or slip off your hand, or are otherwise painful to wear, your performance will suffer, which is the reverse of what you want your gloves to do.

#2 Your Position

Moreover, when researching for the best football gloves, you should consider the position you’re playing and your role on the team. Gloves are typically position-specific, and every position plays a different role in helping the team win. If you’re a receiver or a primary ball-handler, you will want gloves that optimize your grip and feel for the ball.

On the other hand, a lineman will want an impact-resistant glove that protects the wrists with excess padding.

Therefore, make sure you fully understand your position and role. This will help narrow down the list of options and get you on your way to finding the perfect fit.

PRO-TIP: Research what gloves the pro players you want to emulate wear. This is one of the best ways to narrow down your search. If those gloves are outside of your budget, find a version earlier in the line. For example, if you want to play like OBJ, you might consider buying the Nike Vapor Jets 3.0 instead of the new 5.0 to save some money.

#3 Appearance

If Hall of Fame defensive back Deon Sanders believes in the mantra, “look good, feel good. Feel good, play good,” then so should you!

It might seem vain, but make sure you consider the appearance of the glove, and how it fits your style and personality. You want to feel totally comfortable and free in your gloves, and having that extra little swagger in your step because you look good might help you make a game-changing play.

And if that little extra pep in your step helps you secure the game-sealing touchdown, your teammates and coaches won’t care about how vain you are.  

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Features and Benefits of the Nike Vapor Jet 5.0

Durable Yet Lightweight

The Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 features an adjustable wrist cuff that enables you to personalize the fit of the glove for your most ideal performance.

That doesn’t mean that you have to close the wrist of the glove, as Nike has designed the cuffs to allow them to be flipped up and make them easier to wear without closing the clasp of the hand and interfering with hand movement.

This adds some durability to the gloves. Additionally the stitching on the back-of-hand where the synthetic and mesh materials meet is quadrupled stitched, which adds durability to the thumb area and prevents the glove from ripping.

Nike has also added padding over the wrist bone and into the bottom of the thumb.

Despite the padding and durability, the Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 still feels super lightweight and offers a compressive fit. You’ll immediately feel more protection on your hands, even though the gloves are really thin and well-ventilated.

Make sure that you are even more protected by having the right football gears on. 


Nike’s MAGNIGRIP returns to the Vapor Jet 5.0.

MAGNIGRIP is an ultra-sticky palm that helps you keep a hold of the ball. Combined with the amazing ball feel of the Jets 5.0, you’ll immediately notice an upgrade in ability to catch and hold onto the football.

overview nike jet 5

Moreover, Nike has extended the catching surface on the MAGNIGRIP by extending the glove to the bottom of the hand.[1]

All in all, the Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 significantly improves catchability, giving you the freedom to make a big play on the ball or catch an errant pass. If you can touch the football, you can catch the football.

Breathable Stretch

The Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 are made with a breathable stretch woven across the back-of-hand to keep you cool as a cucumber.

Moreover, Nike has added a significant amount of ventilated holes to the fingers of the 5.0’s compared to the 4.0’s. On top of that, Nike has stabilized the fingertips by adding flexible coatings for more control.[2]

The material itself is SFIA certified, meaning it has passed the standards of a vigorous assessment. This is important as it means the bonded mesh is durable and will protect you during play while providing a breathable, lightweight feel.

Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Social Proof

Here’s what players are saying about the Nike Vapor Jet 5.0. 

“Excellent grip”

“Fits really well”

“Amazing fit, comfortability and durability”

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To clean Nike Vapor Jet football gloves you must hand-wash then.

To wash your gloves quickly and effectively, put them on and use a mild detergent and cool to lukewarm water. Be careful when scrubbing with your fingers around the edges of the delicate material.

Rinse your gloves generously in cool water and then hang your them to dry.  It is not recommended to use a dryer which can ruin your gloves. Instead, some players recommend making gloves stickier and putting them in the sun.    

Washing football gloves does not ruin them as long as you are following the washing directions found on the label. You must follow the instructions as to whether they are hand-wash only or machine washable.  When in doubt, hand-wash your gloves in cold or lukewarm water and use gentle detergent.

If your gloves are machine washable, you will not ruin them as long as you keep the water cold or lukewarm, use a mild detergent, and wash on the delicate cycle.

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your gloves to keep them sticky.

The easiest way to make your football gloves sticky again would be to wash them or wipe them clean with a cloth. The cleaner your gloves are, the longer they will remain sticky.

Try to wipe before and after each use to maintain longevity. Skill players will need to wipe their gloves off more often than lineman.


The Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 is a pair that is considered one of the top gloves on the market today, perhaps only surpassed by the recently released Vapor Jet 6.0.

Still, there’s a lot to love about this glove. Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers will appreciate the grip these gloves provide, and catching tight ends will also appreciate the added durability that doesn’t compromise catchability.

While color options are somewhat limited compared to previous iterations, you should still be able to find colorways that fit your team’s colors.


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