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Lightness and Explosive Speed – Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro Review (Product Guide)

Every football player needs a good pair of cleats to fulfill his duty on the field. However, specific cleats are best for certain types of football positions. Most are made to enhance the performance for each player’s needs.

As such, the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro Series is best for players in skill positions.

These pairs of cleats are relatively inexpensive, yet they feature tons of attributes and benefits that will help the wearer have explosive speed while preventing possible injury.

Check out our comprehensive Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro review, where we describe in detail all the pros and cons of one of Nike’s most elite cleats.

Overview of the Nike Untouchable Pro and Untouchable Pro 3

The Nike Untouchable Pro series stands out from its competition as it has everything you could possibly need in a cleat: excellent durability, cutting-edge traction, and innovative Nike technology.

The Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro line was created with the aim of giving athletes the strength, speed, and traction they need to be triumphant on the gridiron. 

True to its namesake, the Nike Untouchable Pro 3 equips restructured plates and stud-system, while reducing the amount of separate components that keep your ankle wrapped on your feet like a glove.

Nike Untouchable Pro

Nike Untouchable Pro 3



The Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro is designed for skill players, but as it is two generations behind the Untouchable Pro 3, is short of the technological advancements of its predecessors.

The Untouchable Pro does have the midfoot Flywire cables which are prominent in all of Nike’s cleats and a carbon fiber plate that stabilizes the foot without sacrificing flexibility.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cleats

The first thing to consider before buying the best football cleats for speed is your position in the playing field.

High-tops and mid-cuts, on the other hand, extend a little further up the ankle to provide additional support especially for lateral movements. Thus, linemen benefit from this extra support, as they spend a lot of time moving side to side during the course of the game.

For example, players at skill positions are more likely to invest in low-cut cleats, as they are extremely lightweight and provide extra maneuverability. This allows a player to make quick cuts on the field. However, a disadvantage is the lack of support and protection. 

Next, you have to consider what type of field you will mostly play on. Molded cleats work best on turf surfaces. Turf is typically harder and requires a cleat to have more spring and traction.

Detachable cleats, on the other hand, have studs that can be removed and replaced to fit all types of field conditions. They are more useful on grass, where conditions are versatile and can change over the course of the game.

With regard to the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro line, keep in mind that the cleat comes in two styles – a high-top style called the Elite and a low-top style called Speed.

Deciding between the two is simply a matter of preference. For example, running back Ezekiel Elliot wears the high-top style, while wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. wears the low-top. Make sure to try both styles to see which feels comfortable and see both from an aesthetic point of view! 

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Features and Benefits of the Nike Untouchable Pro and Pro 3

Nike designers have constructed a carbon-fiber cleat plate that is specifically engineered for multidirectional movement, enabling forward propulsion while simultaneously dispersing upward pressure throughout the foot to reduce impacts.

The Nike Untouchable Pro 3 offers maximum traction and helps advance acceleration, deceleration and lateral movement. These are all great for dynamic players at skill positions looking to make plays on the ball.

Without further ado, let’s dive under the hood of the Nike Untouchable Pro and Pro 3.

#1 Lightweight Upper

The Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 features a lightweight upper with a flexible shell, constructed of mesh and synthetics.[1]

The upper on the Nike Untouchable 3 was constructed with a one-piece mesh of Nike Skin, which is a great feature as the cleat will fit like a sock on your foot. Moreover, despite its flexibility, the upper is still durable and will not rip or tear easily.

The best part of the Untouchable Pro 3 upper is the elastic knit collar, which is highly breathable. It conforms to the foot and requires absolutely no break-in time. You will not experience any pain points and can wear the cleats on the gridiron almost as soon as you purchase them.

On the other hand, the upper on the Nike Untouchable Pro is made of mesh and synthetic skin, with a breathable material to keep you cool during the heat of the game. It doesn’t feature an elastic knit collar, and sits lower at the ankle, providing less support.

#2 Cutting-Edge Nike Technology

Nike has developed an innovative cleat geometry for the Untouchable Pro, allowing for quicker cuts and greater acceleration. But with the Untouchable Pro 3, Nike has completely revolutionized the 14-stud geometry to deliver cleats that dig deep into the ground, granting players game-changing traction, total support, and unbelievable acceleration.[2]

These make it one of the most explosive and dynamic cleats on the market, and skill players will delight in their ability to cut, juke and spin into the end zone.

Moreover, the molded cleats on the Untouchable Pro 3 are attached to a carbon fiber plate that feels practically weightless. The carbon fiber plate offers a little more durability and traction to propel the foot forward. This is an awesome feature, as already-fast players will feel virtually untouchable.

Top all this off with Flywire cables that wrap around the midfoot for additional support during quick cuts, and you’ve got a high-tenacity cleat that gives you a locked-in and connected feel every time you step into the cleats.

The Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 boasts a one-piece cleat construction that customizes its fit to the foot every time you lace them up. This means you’ll never have to worry about comfort and fit.

#3 Weightless Design

You will definitely love the way the Untouchable Pro and Pro 3 feel on your feet.

Despite an abundance of features and technology that support your feet and provide explosive traction, Nike has not compromised on weight. The Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 weighs just 11.1 ounces, while the Untouchable Pro weighs 9.5 ounces.

In addition to offering a weightless, ventilated and breathable feel, the Vapor Untouchable Pro and Pro 3 is made with sock-like cuff and lightweight carbon fiber weave, which enable the foot to push-off and snap back into place after flexing. 

The impressive aspect of the carbon fiber weave is that it retains its shape even while extending or flexing, therefore enabling a wide range of motion while remaining durable enough from wear and tear.

#4 Interior

Nike designed the Vapor Untouchable Pro line with speed in mind. During their research, they realized that locking down the foot inside the cleat was as important as anything else in terms of delivering electrifying speed.

The reason? Many speed players would use low-cut cleats to get a speedy, lightweight feel, but would then bulk up the foot with tape and wraps to add the missing support around the ankle. This would make the feet heavier than if they had just chosen a mid- or high-top cleat.

Because of this, Nike enhanced the Vapor Untouchable Pro and Pro 3 with supportive Flywire cables that have been integrated in the mesh and synthetic upper to wrap around the foot like a sock. This is enhanced by the full-knit collar that fits tightly around the ankle to give a taped feel and support as you make lateral movements at high speeds.

The knit-collar on the Untouchable Pro 3 provides consistent lockdown as you play.

#5 Outsole

The outsole plates of both the Vapor Untouchable Pro and Pro 3 are made of carbon fiber, which will feel springy and responsive to a good number of players.

Moreover, the outsole of the Untouchable Pro 3 boasts an innovative stud geometry that gives explosive traction without the additional weight. 14 primary and four secondary diamond-shaped studs allow players to accelerate and make quick cuts with ease.

Overall, everything about the outsole of Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro and Pro 3 is designed to give you explosive speed while providing responsive strength, flexibility and stability.

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What Buyers are Saying About the Vapor Untouchable Series

We scoured the world wide web and found some overwhelmingly positive reviews for the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro and Pro 3. 

“What more can you ask for?”

“The best cleats”

“Excellent fit”

“Impressive cleats”

“Incredible grip on cuts”

Frequently Asked Questions

The Untouchable Pro 3 was built with a need for speed, so any players that rely on their quickness will enjoy these cleats.

Therefore, players at the wide receiver, running back, defensive back, safety, and even the quarterback (for those who like to scramble) positions will benefit from wearing the Untouchable Pro 3.

The Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 fits slightly wider than its predecessors in the Untouchable line, so even those with wider feet will find them comfortable.

In general, the circular knit cuff is highly flexible and allows easy entry for a completely unrestricted fit.

Most of Nike’s cleats are made of some of the most advanced technology, combining recycled polyester yarn that is spun from plastic bottles with the lightweight strength of carbon fiber in the plate of the cleat.

There are three types of cleats that football players wear: screw-in, molded and rubber bottoms.

The kind of cleat a player will wear depends on the type of playing field. For example, on a grass field, players are more likely to wear rubber bottom cleats since the studs in rubber bottoms can vary in length and give more traction on grass that molded cleats do.

Moreover, players are more likely to wear molded cleats on Astroturf, as molded cleats feel more comfortable, and their main drawback of not being able to adapt under changing field conditions is made moot on Astroturf which is unchanging.

Few players prefer screw-in cleats, as screw-ins can hurt the bottom of your feet because the studs press into the bottom and heel of the foot during the game. However, the screw-in cleat does come in handy in rainy conditions, as it offers extra traction and can dig into the grass a little better than the molded or rubber cleat.

The purpose of the carbon fiber plate is to add some sturdiness to a lightweight cleat, while also enhancing comfort. The carbon fiber plate is lightweight and flexible, giving you the spring in your stride when you push off.

Final Words

Players looking for speed, look no further. With the Vapor Untouchable Pro and Pro 3, Nike has developed cleats that offer reliable performance at an affordable price.

As soon as you try these cleats on, you’ll immediately notice how lightweight and secure these cleats are, to the point that they’ll soon feel like a second skin. On the field, you’ll feel the instant propulsion and stick-and-go traction as you cut, juke and high-step your way into the endzone.

With an abundant number of high-end features, the Untouchable Pro 3 performs well above its price point. Check out the Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 here if you’re looking to enjoy the speed.

While the Untouchable Pro is an excellent cleat in its own right, it is often out of stock and has been overtaken by the Untouchable Pro 3. 

If you’re set on the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro, check it out here and grab a pair while it’s still in stock!

Nike Untouchable Pro


Nike Untouchable Pro 3


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