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When Speed is King – Nike Vapor Untouchable Review (Product Guide)

With the Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 and Untouchable 3 Speed, Nike tries to deliver on its promise of producing cleats that enhance an athlete’s game.

These low-top football cleats feel light and unencumbered, while providing the traction to push you forward and explode out of your step.

Constructed out of Flyweave, Nike has accounted for the specific durability, strength and stability required from football players on the gridiron.

And that’s just the beginning. With Flyweave technology, these cleats maximize the foot’s natural motion while providing durability to prevent ankle rolling or other foot injuries.

Let’s take a closer look at these two Nike cleats in this detailed Nike Vapor Untouchable Review!

An Overview of the Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 and 3 Speed

Nike has designed the Untouchable 2 and Untouchable 3 Speed primarily with speed in mind.

A lightweight, one-piece upper provides a mold that will have your feet feeling stable and secure, while decreasing the need for break-in time.

Moreover, a traditional lacing system found in both cleats allows for ease of foot entry and helps lock it on the footbed.

Nike Untouchable 2

Nike Untouchable 3 Speed



Things to consider before buying cleats

As with buying all your other football gears, you also have to carefully consider specific factors when buying a football cleat.

If you are looking for a cleat that enhances your speed, gives you the best possible traction to cut on a dime and quickly change directions, then you cannot go wrong with the Nike Untouchable 2 and Untouchable 3 Speed.

The ideal positions for people looking to buy the Untouchable cleats are skill positions, like those who play wide receiver, defensive back, running back and even the safety positions as well. 

However, the cleats do lack some durability, which makes them unproductive for players in the trenches and linebackers. The cleats are likely to come apart with excessive use.

Here are the three of the most important things to consider when purchasing a pair of football cleats:

#1 Comfort

Football involves a lot of running, so you will naturally need cleats that won’t irritate your feet during a 60-minute football game. 

Comfort is one of the more important aspects to consider, as an uncomfortable cleat will render all of the cleat’s technology practically useless.

What’s more, you may want to prioritize comfort over price, but be sure not to go too over your budget, as cleats typically only last one full season.


#2 Suitability

Not all players have the same needs. Players at the skill positions, for example, will require low-top speed football cleats with studs that propel them forward, as speed is the primary weapon at those positions.

It is also a great football cleat for lineman and defensive players who might prefer high-top cleats with a tough outsole that can withstand the pounding in the trenches.

#3 Appearance

Appearance is, of course, one of the more personal aspects when considering what cleats to purchase. After all, Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis used to say, “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you play good.”

Features and Benefits

The Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 and 3 Speed are replete with cutting-edge and industry-first features, ranging from strategic stud placement to the Flyweave material built into the cleats.

Here are the top features of the Nike Untouchable 2 and 3 Speed, which combine traction with durability in a lightweight package.

Impeccable Traction

Nike has updated the cleat geometry of the Vapor Untouchable 2, placing cleats strategically through the shoe to create superb traction and a more responsive pivot and release.

The four heel cleat delivers of the Untouchable 2 gives exceptional traction for quick changes in direction, making this cleat ideal for skill players, particularly wide receivers and defensive backs. It is a great football cleat for wide receivers as it allows them to pivot and turn with explosive speed. 

The Untouchable 3 Speed takes the exceptional traction of the Untouchable 2, then maximizes it with a TPU plate on the outsole with a 12-stud configuration that provides stability, traction and explosive speed which will have you whistling by opponents.

Moreover, Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 Speed features a lightweight one-piece upper and a low-cut profile that encourages movement in the ankle, helping you to stop and cut on a dime

Comfortable Fit

The Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 features a Flyweave upper and carbon fiber plate for an incredibly lightweight fit.

Flyweave technology is knitted in textiles to maximize the foot’s natural motion, acting as a bionic second skin.

This means that the light Flyweave upper is highly adaptive to the foot’s natural range of motion, while the carbon fiber plater and one-piece knit collar stabilize the cleat to prevent hyperextension or rolling on the ankle.

Moreover, Flywire cables wrap around the middle of the foot to provide further support, and adjustable laces stay tied thanks to eyestays technology to keep the foot locked in and secure.

Thus, the Untouchable 2 is both adaptive, allowing the wearer to burst into a new direction, and secure, preventing foot and ankle injuries, while feeling lightweight and supple.

Similar to the Untouchable 2, the Untouchable 3 Speed is both adaptive and secure, thanks to a one-piece TPU textile upper that conforms to the foot for maximum comfort and durability.

What’s more, partial bootie construction with a traditional tongue inside the cleat provides a more secure fit, while the low-cut, padded heel collar allows for total freedom in moving the foot.[1]

The icing on the cake is a comfort sockliner that provides even more cushioning underneath the foot.

Check out this guide on out how to fit a football helmet properly.

Superbly Lightweight

The Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 weighs 12 ounces while the Untouchable 3 Speed is lighter at 10.8 ounces. Both cleats are lightweight, thus would not hinder the player from performing on the field.

Read here about another awesome lightweight football cleat from Nike, the Lunarbeast Elite TD.

Flexible Cushioning

The Untouchable 2 features a stabilizing cushion that creates spine-like support for your foot, while also providing flexibility in the heel.

Furthermore, the cleats have built-in technology to disperse pressure throughout the forefoot, providing even more cushioning, while a one-piece collar wraps around the ankle for a glove-like fit.

Moreover, Nike’s patented Flywire cables add additional cushioning around the midfoot to provide comfort and security throughout the whole foot.

Meanwhile, the Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 Speed, features a low-cut padded heel that allows for comfort in freely moving your foot.

Sockliner on the underfoot provides additional cushioning, while a seamless upper locks down your foot to prevent sliding or rolling of the foot.

Ultimate Durability

Both the Untouchable 2 and 3 Speed are built with Flyweave, which is a durable fabric that also provides an adaptive and comfortable fit.

The Untouchable 3 Speed also a one-piece TPU skin which adds extra durability in the cleat.

However, some wearers have complained that the Untouchable 2 suffers from a lack of durability, as the outsole plate rips rather easily.

Moreover, with regards to the Untouchable 3 Speed, some wearers have complained that the cleat caused them to have blisters, especially near the Achilles tendon.

What Buyers are Saying About the Nike Untouchable

“Durable but flexible”

“Very light and have great traction”

“Solid Cleat”

Nike Review 2


Nike VaporKnit is a kit technology that combines lightweight cooling while reducing clinging but still maintaining a precision fit. 

In fact, Nike VaporKnit is a high-stretch yarn that provides quick-drying and flexible comfort, with the precision fit of the Vaporknit conforming to your body for a streamlined feel. 

Nike uses this technology to develop excellent sports gears such as top of the line football gloves, jerseys and cleats. Head over to our guide on where to get cool NFL jerseys.

The Nike Vapor Untouchable is a line of cleats developed by Nike that seeks to merge speed, strength and durability.

All of the clears under the Vapor Untouchable line feature a lightweight Flyknit upper combined with the mobility of a low-cut cleat and the support of a mid-cut cleat.

This creates a second, bionic skin feeling in the clear and foot that engineers strength and durability.

Moreover, all cleats under the Vapor Untouchable line feature strategically placed studs for optimal traction and explosive speed that propels you forward.

Read about the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro series in this article.

Nike Vapor Untouchable is earth friendly because their cleats are made from recycled material.

This includes the fact that the dye-coloring process by which Nike colors their shoes allows 99% of recoverable dye water to be recycled, and that the cleats themselves are composed of at least 50% recycled manufacturing waste.[2]

Nike Flywire is a thread composed of Vectran that is used in the upper of a shoe.

Nike introduced Flyknit in February 2012.

Flywire works by minimizing weight to maximize support. This is achieved through the durable strands of the Vectran which function like a suspension bridge to wrap around the wearer’s foot. This creates a lockdown fit that eliminates any foot slipping.

Moreover, the use of individual Vectran strands for support allows for added flexibility.

Final Words

With strategic cleat placements, the Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 and Untouchable 3 Speed are ideal for those looking for a cleat that provides explosive speed, with the ability to change directions without missing a step.

Moreover, with abundant technology to keep your feet secure, the Untouchable 2 and 3 Speed provide all the protection you could look for in a cleat.

However, whether you enjoy these particular cleats depends on your foot size and what you feel comfortable in. Kids with smaller shoe sizes for example requires only the best football cleats for youth

These cleats are also extremely light, and therefore might not feel sturdy enough for someone playing at the Offensive Line position, for example.

Nike Vapor Untouchable 2


Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 Speed


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