Arizona State OF Catches Pitch, Flips It Back To Pitcher

One of the most terrifying, momentary panic situations in sports is when you’re standing firmly in the batter’s box and you see a baseball coming right for you.

You’re not thinking about how it’s going 84 miles an hour instead of 94 miles an hour. You’re not thinking about how it’s a curveball, so it won’t hurt as much. To be honest, most of the time you’re not thinking at all. You just know to get out of the way — or maybe you don’t.

Arizona State outfielder Johnny Sewald decided to take another approach. He just stood there. Surprisingly, he wound up with a souvenir and then flipped it to Washington State’s pitcher.

That, folks, is what the professionals call pure, dumb luck. I’d bet a million dollars he couldn’t do that again if he tried. Though I think once is enough. That video will be awesome forever.

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