Ranking Each SEC School’s Biggest Blowout Victory

Even though the Ohio State Buckeyes won the first ever College Football Playoff, the 14 teams in the Southeastern Conference are still considered to be the pinnacle of college football.

The SEC has constructed quite a reputation for being big and bad. Some people even think some of the recent Alabama Crimson Tide teams could compete with the worst of the worst in the NFL — ludicrous but they think it.

Still in a conference where literally any given Saturday could yield an upset, there have surely been quite a few blowouts. But have you ever wondered how big each individual school’s biggest blowout win is?

Here’s a ranking ofeach SEC team’s biggest blowout victory:

  1. Florida: Defeated Florida Southern 144-0 in 1916
  2. Ole Miss: Defeated Union 114-0 in 1904
  3. Georgia: Defeated Alabama Presbyterian 108-0 in 1913
  4. Vanderbilt: Defeated Bethel 105-0 in 1912
  5. Tennessee: Defeated American 104-0 in 1905
  6. Arkansas: Defeated Southwest Missouri State 100-0 in 1911
  7. LSU: Defeated Louisiana-Lafayette 93-0 in 1936
  8. Auburn: Defeated Mercer 92-0 in 1916
  9. Alabama: Defeated Delta State 89-0 in 1951
  10. Kentucky: Defeated North Dakota 83-0 in 1953
  11. Mississippi State: Defeated Samford 82-0 in 1910
  12. Texas A&M: Defeated Sam Houston State 77-0 in 1919 and 1925
  13. South Carolina: Defeated Wichita State 73-0 in 1980
  14. Missouri: Defeated Western Illinois 69-0 in 2011 (defeated Drury 69-0 in 1913)

Those are video game scores. I didn’t think it was possible for a team to score 144 points in one game. Wouldn’t the referees sympathize for the losing teams and just throw the white flag for them?

In my head I imagine the head coaches of the losing teams holding a white towel — arm cocked and ready to throw it but just can’t. And the defensive coordinators next to them whine to “throw the damn towel” and end the game — don’t know how it took a Rocky IV turn.

Even though the majority of these rosters have since passed on, it’s still pretty mind blowing how big those defecits were.

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