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Two Teams Dominate All-Time SEC Championship Game Appearances

It was the first of its kind, and has been the king ever since. In 1992, when the SEC held its inaugural conference championship game in Birmingham, Alabama it changed the landscape of college football forever.

Consider this: much of the conference realignment in recent years was due to the SEC Championship Game. The Big Eight swallowed some of the Southwest Conference; the ACC poached from the Big East; the Big Ten pilfered from the Big 12; and the Pac-12 pulled from both the Big 12 and Mountain West.

If that significance isn’t enough, just think how important a conference championship played in the first ever College Football Playoff. Both Baylor and TCU were juggernauts for the majority of the season, however with neither having the opportunity to play in a title game (the Big 12 only has 10 programs, thus not enough to hold a championship contest) there was no clearly defined champion for the CFP to choose from. The Bears and Horned Frogs were boxed out of the Final Four thanks to not having that one last showcase game.

As for the SEC Championship Game, in its 23-year history 10 teams who have won the game have gone on to claim the national title (including inaugural winner Alabama in 1992). Beyond that, half of its winners have gone on simply to play for a national championship. The last nine winners have competed in either the College Football Playoff or BCS title game.

When it comes to appearances in the SEC Championship Game, two programs stand head and shoulders above the rest: Alabama and Florida. The two schools played in the first championship game ever, and have a combined 19 appearances. Furthermore, the two programs have won a combined total of 12 conference championships – more than the 12 other SEC schools combined.

All but four programs (Kentucky, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt) have made it to at least one title game. Of those teams, only Texas A&M isn’t a charter member of the SEC. Despite being in the conference for only three seasons, Missouri already has two appearances under its belt – more than six programs. In terms of best record at the game, LSU takes the mark with its phenomenal .800 win percentage. Next in line is Florida at .700.

Below is a look at the SEC football standings for all the teams who have appeared in at least one championship game. They’re organized first by appearances, then by win percentage, and then alphabetical order.

SEC Football Standings: Most Championship Game Appearances

1) Florida

  • Total appearances: 10
  • Record: 7-3
  • Win percentage: .700
  • Last appearance: 2009
  • Last win: 2008

2) Alabama

  • Total appearances: 9
  • Record: 5-4
  • Win percentage: .556
  • Last appearance: 2014
  • Last win: 2014

3) LSU

  • Total appearances: 5
  • Record: 4-1
  • Win percentage: .800
  • Last appearance: 2011
  • Last win: 2011

3) Auburn

  • Total appearances: 5
  • Record: 3-2
  • Win percentage: .600
  • Last appearance: 2013
  • Last win: 2013

3) Georgia

  • Total appearances: 5
  • Record: 2-3
  • Win percentage: .400
  • Last appearance: 2012
  • Last win: 2005

3) Tennessee

  • Total appearances: 5
  • Record: 2-3
  • Win percentage: .400
  • Last appearance: 2007
  • Last win: 1998

7) Arkansas

  • Total appearances: 3
  • Record: 0-3
  • Win percentage: .000
  • Last appearance: 2006
  • Last win: N/A

8) Missouri

  • Total appearances: 2
  • Record: 0-2
  • Win percentage: .000
  • Last appearance: 2014
  • Last win: N/A

9) Mississippi State

  • Total appearances: 1
  • Record: 0-1
  • Win percentage: .000
  • Last appearance: 1998
  • Last win: N/A

10) South Carolina

  • Total appearances: 1
  • Record: 0-1
  • Win percentage: .000
  • Last appearance: 2010
  • Last win: N/A

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