VIDEO: SEC Network Commercial Showcases Fans And Their Wardrobe

The SEC and its 14 schools are known for having their own style and traditions. Fans have a set wardrobe, which is some cases includes dressing up in suits and ties for the men while the women wear dresses and more makeup than the cast of a Vegas show. For others, there is an outfit or certain shirt that brings your team luck.

Whatever it is, different fans have their things, and the SEC Network released this commercial which showcased some of those wardrobe choices:

I may be a graduate from an ACC school, but I get it. I have my good luck outfit that I dress up in for each game, not matter how crazy my wife thinks I am. So, I support this ad and what it is showing 100%.

Although, I will never get behind the idea of dressing up in a full suit for a football game. It has nothing to do with style, but more with living in Florida during those early September games when it’s still hot as hell.

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