Tailgating Blacksburg – Virginia Tech Hokies

The Tailgate Spot

The Virginia Tech campus is where all of the tailgating goes down on gamedays. There are several lots around the stadium that will be filled with season ticket holders. Any of the visitor lots on campus are perfect for tailgating. They are all within a short 15 minute walk to the stadium. We suggest parking in one of the first-come-first-serve lots on campus and tailgating at your car. The majority of residents in the neighborhoods to the east of campus don’t let gameday goers tailgate in their yards. If you don’t have a set up, venture the areas around the stadium and make some friends!

The Game Time Spot

The Hokies entrance to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” is reason enough to get a ticket into the game, but if you are not fortunate to find one you should take a short 20 minute walk to the north/northeast of the stadium where you will find downtown Blacksburg. There are several bars here to catch the game including Big Al’s and Champs Sports Bar.

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Tailgating is permitted but must be confined to the area immediately behind your vehicle. Parking lots will be monitored through the end of the game.

For safety reasons as well as emergency access if necessary, the following is NOT PERMITTED in the parking lots:

  1. Throwing objects – This includes, but is not limited to, footballs and frisbees.
  2. Blocking the roadway – Placing tables, chairs, or other items that may extend into the roadway beyond the bounds of the parking space provided is not permitted.
  3. Blocking the sidewalks – The sidewalks must remain open for pedestrian travel.
  4. Sound Systems/Noise amplification – This includes bands and DJ entertainment.
  5. Cutting, removing, or destroying the boundary ropes or signs.
  6. Destroying landscaping or fencing.
  7. Underage drinking.

Tailgates, Corporate/Professional

Corporate/professional tailgates are not allowed and no corporate signage is permitted at any time unless prior written approval by the Department of Athletics and ISP Sports has been obtained.

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