2012 ACC Championship Game tickets less than the price of a McDonald’s Value Meal

Seriously, Gamedayr Nation, we can’t make this stuff up.

Do you have a spare, crisp (honestly, it could be ripped in half and taped back together) $5 bill laying around? Well then, you are in luck. Not only can you purchase an ACC Championship game ticket, but you can also stop through the nearest McDonald’s and pick up two of your favorite grease-soaked dollar menu items.

Pop on over to StubHub and you’ll see ACC Championship Game tickets on sale for $3. THREE DOLLARS.

As was stated in the opening, seriously, we can’t make this stuff up.

You want to know the kicker to all of this? You are going to have to dig deeper in your pockets for the fee to either electronically download the ticket ($4.95) or have the ticket shipped ($19.95).

Talk about adding insult to injury. The conference was already reeling from this past weekend’s 0-4 effort against SEC teams (Florida beat FSU, Georgia beat Georgia Tech, South Carolina beat Clemson, and Vanderbilt beat Wake Forest).

The current market price for an SEC Championship Game ticket you ask? A minimum of $479.

Can you hear the chants now (yes, SEC fans will find a way to rub ticket prices into everyones faces)? SEC. SEC. SEC.

The game, which will featured a deflated Florida State team (10-2) and an awful Georgia Tech squad (6-6), is being held in Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC, 8 p.m. ET on Saturday night.

h/t CBS Sports

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