AJ McCarron sparks special friendship with UA student suffering from cerebral palsy

AJ McCarron is the star quarterback of one of the nation’s most prestigious football programs. He’s been blessed with a life that very few people in the world ever get to live. McCarron understands exactly that, and uses his stage to give back to those who are less fortunate. It’s one of the endearing qualities of the Tide superstar.

While heading home from practice one day, McCarron ran into a fellow Alabama student, who also happened to be named AJ. AJ Starr spent his free time watching the Tide practice through the fence. McCarron recalls seeing him peek between the posts just to catch a glimpse of Alabama in action. Starr had missed the bus, but what he got in return, a friendship, was much greater.

Starr suffers from cerebral palsy. It’s been difficult for him to interact with other individuals in the real world. McCarron, recognizing the struggle, helped Starr land a job with the football team, and the two have been friends ever since.

Following is the heartwarming story of how the relationship started (courtesy of WVTM-TV).

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