Arkansas’ recruiting director loses mind over recruit’s Texas A&M flip

Let’s kick this post off with a tweet, free from any context, and then get into the meat of the situation:

Arkansas fans move on damn! I would not recommend anyone going there after the tweets I have received from mad fans smh death wishes really?

— Jermaine Eluemunor (@TheMainShow_) October 28, 2013

The world of college football recruiting is hardly ever an easy one. The young men being wooed by various programs change their minds on a whim. In fact, pretty much the only thing any coach or recruiter can expect is to be badly burned by a teenager, or junior college player, at least several times over the course of one’s career.

Someone forgot to tell that to Arkansas’ Director of Recruiting, Chris Hauser Jr., however.

Jermaine Eluemunor is a four-star offensive tackle from Scranton, Pa. who was being recruited by pretty much every school under the sun. In fact, 247Sports has him ranked as the No. 1 offensive line recruit in the JUCO ranks for the class of 2014. Obviously, the young man is a stud.

Hauser thought the Hogs had Eluemunor all locked up. The 6-foot-6, 300-pounder had switched his commitment from UCLA to Arkansas, and it looked like coach Bret Bielema was going to have the type of lineman he needs to develop the program.

However, on Monday, Eluemunor announced that he had once again flipped his commitment, this time to Texas A&M, and Hauser absolutely lost his mind on Twitter.

Staff members are not allowed to mention recruits by name, but this is about as direct of an indirect tweet he could send.

Why NFL doesn’t draft spread offense O-Lineman!!!! Might want to think about this before u play ur college career in a spread offense!

— Chris Hauser (@ChrisHauserJr) October 28, 2013

As you read that, remember: Hauser is an adult with more than a decade of coaching and recruiting experience under his belt. Eluemunor, on the other hand, is not far removed from his high school days.

Hauser would go on to tweet about the failure of the spread offense, as well as several of the draft success stories of the big, burly offensive linemen coached under Bielema at Wisconsin.

Spread Offense not fitting into NFL

— Chris Hauser (@ChrisHauserJr) October 28, 2013

Dallas Cowboys: Travis Frederick via @DallasCowboys

— Chris Hauser (@ChrisHauserJr) October 28, 2013

Dallas Cowboys: Doug Free via @DallasCowboys

— Chris Hauser (@ChrisHauserJr) October 28, 2013 Atlanta Falcons: Peter Konz via @Atlanta_Falcons

— Chris Hauser (@ChrisHauserJr) October 28, 2013

We could keep going, but we feel like you get the point. Hauser kept at this for another few hours, tweeting the names of several more former Wisconsin players (as an aside, perhaps Badgers AD Barry Alvarez should send him a gift basket).

Hauser’s point – issued with the maturity level of a nine-year old – was ignored by Eluemunor, who also took to Twitter to express his stance, in a mature fashion.

I left UCLA because it was quick decision and didn’t feel right I visited OSU and Ark I thought Ark would be the best place for me…

— Jermaine Eluemunor (@TheMainShow_) October 28, 2013

So I chose to commit to ark but it still didn’t feel 100% right to me going to Texas A&M showed me that… I understand people are mad

— Jermaine Eluemunor (@TheMainShow_) October 28, 2013

But this is all new to me being recruited and all I know where I want to be 1000% and that’s Texas A&M it was a family decision as well

— Jermaine Eluemunor (@TheMainShow_) October 28, 2013

1000% Bye twitter for now #GigEm

— Jermaine Eluemunor (@TheMainShow_) October 28, 2013

When it comes to the Arkansas Razorbacks and the 2013 season, we’re pretty sure it can all be summed up in one hilariously embarrassing hashtag: #Karma.

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