Brian Kelly Unloads On ACC Officials For FSU Game Penalty

Brian Kelly is not a happy camper following Notre Dame’s heartbreaking loss to Florida State on Saturday night. The Irish’s head coach unloaded on ACC officials for the pass interference penalty they called, which took the (likely) game-winning touchdown off the board.

Kelly was very blunt in his criticism, stating that he did not believe his receiver went out of the way to screen the defender and that it’s a common NCAA football play. He stated that FSU blew the coverage and also brought attention to the Seminoles player removing his helmet immediately after the play, which should have resulted in an FSU penalty – a massive non-call that would have allowed Notre Dame one more very manageable shot to score.

Despite his frustrations with the way the game ended, Kelly acknowledged that you have to knock a team like FSU out if you want to win.

He plans on speaking with the ACC this week, but doesn’t expect anything to come from the conversation.

Here’s a look at the play that Kelly is heated over.

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