Gold Medalist Bryan Clay Removes Daughter’s Tooth With Javelin Throw

This is how you win all of the cool parent points. Bryan Clay, an Olympic gold (2008 Beijing) and silver (2004 Athens) medalist, took his javelin out of retirement to help him play the part of a dentist. His daughter had a tooth that needed removing, and rather than go with one of the old-school tricks, like tying a string to a door knob and slamming the door, Clay used one of the items that helped him win gold.

What you use javelins for once you’re retired.

— Bryan Clay (@bryanclay) May 6, 2015

Seriously awesome. I’m not sure what Clay is up to in his post-decathlon days, but I see a future business in the works. Extreme tooth removals. High jump, long jump, pole vault, shot put … if a kid dreams it, Clay makes it happen. He can even enlist the services of other sports stars. Tie a string to a football and let Dan Marino fire that pigskin. Hook onto Jeff Gordon’s bumper and have him put the pedal to the metal. The opportunities are endless. Expensive? Yes. But you only live once.

Clay will even ensure the tooth makes it under the pillow.

Oh no, don’t worry, the tooth is safely under her pillow!

— Bryan Clay (@bryanclay) May 6, 2015

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