Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball Player’s Giants Hands Make NCAA Regulation Football Look Tiny

Have you ever gone to an NBA game and thought, “Damn, they look so much bigger in person than on TV”?

The first time I saw Shaquille O’Neal in person, I couldn’t believe how monstrous he was up close. Sometimes it can be surreal to actually consider how gigantic some of these athletes actually are in comparison to the average person.

Do you remember when Jahlil Okafor broke the internet with his massive hands making a basketball look like it was made by Nerf?

Got those Jahlil Okafor hands

— E10 (@EthanMaldonado4) April 17, 2015

Well, take a look at Cincinnati Bearcats center Coreontae DeBerry’s gigantic hands holding an NCAA regulation size football. The 6-foot-9, 275-pound big man could probably sling that thing from endzone to endzone.

.@RehfeldtU Great pic of @DEBERRY22‘s hands around a football. Still like the outline vs normal hand better #Bearcats — Dan Hoard (@Dan_Hoard) May 31, 2015

How much milk and veggies did he eat as a kid? Those hands look too big to be human hands.

[Sporting News]

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