Sure Looks Like Justise Winslow Stepped Out Of Bounds

Duke is atop the college basketball world again. Mike Krzyzewski has further cemented his place as one of the greatest — if not the greatest — college coaches of all time with his fifth national championship.

There’s no doubt that the freshman presence on Duke’s roster has been vital to their championship run, but this is ridiculous.

For all 37 points to be scored by freshmen is insane. One of those freshmen, Justise Winslow, had one of the biggest impacts with 11 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks.

But was one of the more momentous moments of the championship game a result of a bad no call?

Justise Winslow out of bounds.

— MarcusD (@_MarcusD_) April 7, 2015

In Duke’s 68-63 win over the Wisconsin Badgers, there was a key stretch where Jahlil Okafor put the Blue Devils ahead by three. However, the magic of instant replay shows us that Winslow stepped out of bounds on that play, and instead of Okafor getting the bucket, Wisconsin should have gotten the ball.

Obviously, it’s really difficult to say that, if Winslow is called for stepping out of bounds, Wisconsin is able to capitalize on it. There was still plenty of opportunities for the Badgers to inch back into the game, but you can’t ignore the idea of momentum.

Sometimes there are certain plays or sequences that just drain energy from the opposing team. Maybe things would have been different if the referees paid attention to important details like that one.

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