Sure Looks Like Justise Winslow Deflected The Ball Out Of Bounds

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan was upset with the officiating following the game, and this play involving Duke’s Justise Winslow is likely part of the reasoning.

Winslow appeared to be the last to touch a ball as it was heading out of bounds. Possession was initially given to Duke before a review. After the review, the ball remained with the Blue Devils.

Take a look for yourself.

It definitely looks like his finger bent as it touched the ball. Had the Badgers been given possession, they would have been able to make it a one-score game with just under two minutes to play, as they were only trailing 63-58.

While we don’t know what would have happened if Wisconsin received the ball, what we do know is that this play will definitely haunt Sconnie Nation for quite some time.

And this wasn’t the only questionable out-of-bounds call/no-call involving Winslow. He also appeared to step out late in the game, but it was not called either.

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