Kentucky Pastor Proves Rivalries Have No Boundaries, Even At Church

Apparently the pastor at a church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky is one clever ‘Cat (see what I did there?). In order to bring Second Baptist Church goers closer to his sermon, David (pastor) played a trick on those attending his church. He “reserved” the back rows for fans of the Louisville Cardinals and Duke Blue Devils. He even went as far as to place cardboard cutouts of players and coaches in the rows.

David, the Pastor here came up with a fantastic idea to keep people from sitting in the back of the church tonight.

— CAMERON MILLS (@CameronMillz) March 11, 2015

 He also put some rather unpleasant folks in the back pews to push people to the front for my sermon tonight. — CAMERON MILLS (@CameronMillz) March 11, 2015

My favorite pic from the revival I preached tonight. @UKCoachCalipari sat up front & wore a cardigan.

— CAMERON MILLS (@CameronMillz) March 12, 2015

Pretty cool, right?

Okay, now for the real talk: why in the world is this pastor’s church empty enough for him to resort to this stunt? Judging by this, he should be a Sunday morning hit. Baptists should be lining up to see David speak. Maybe he’s new to the area and needs to drum up some noise.

Whatever the case may be, we know one thing: rivalries know no bounds.

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