Penn State DL Anthony Zettel Rips Tree Out Of The Ground

Every collegiate football player has a list of things he wants to improve upon during the offseason. For skill positions, it may be doing cone drills to enhance your footwork or ball drills to increase your hand-eye coordination.

For the big guys, though, it’s all about strength and explosion. Now some workouts may be similar, but plenty of guys like to mix things up and have their own spin on a training session.

But I’ve never seen any workout like the one Penn State defensive lineman Anthony Zettel has.

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How @anthonyzettel trains in the off season

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You’re talking about ripping a tree out of the ground. No one should try and diminish how impressive Zettel’s root-ripping tackle was. It’s unorthodox, and nature lovers might not be Penn State fans now, but the power and explosion is seriously impressive.

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