Houston Head Coach Tom Herman Bashes His Own Wide Receivers

Houston Head Coach Tom Herman expects a lot out of his players. The former Ohio State Buckeyes offensive coordinator is locked in and focused on establishing the Cougars as a real threat.

In order to do that, Herman needs to hold his players accountable. He’s damn sure doing a good job of that — at least with his wide receivers.

Herman was extremely tough on his wideouts after practice on Saturday, and he made it known to the media.

Herman secured a verbal commitment from five-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver back in May, and that’s an extremely big deal for a team loking to establish itslef as a power program in the AAC.

But it sounds like Herman needs to start recruiting more wide receivers because apprently the ones he has now don’t even belong in a flag football game.

I know a lot of coaches implement the tough-love strategy. It’s a commonly used classic move, but to say his receivers don’t belong on a Division-I team is a bit harsh, isn’t it?

Let’s see if it motivates them to do better.

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