2016 CB Recruit Nigel Knott Does Backflip Off Wall While Catching Football

It’s a very trendy world we live in today. Everyone is obsessed with the latest fad or craze sweeping the nation. If it’s not new dance move, it’s a clothing style. If it’s not a show on Netflix, it’s a new mobile app.

In the football community, though, there’s a trend bouncing around the high school recruits — specifically ones at the skill positions (wide receivers, cornerbacks, etc).

If you’re a high school football recruit, and you haven’t already posted a video doing a backflip while catching a football, you may be the only one. Some have tried to modify the videos by adding another football or turning the backflip into a corkscrew, but things just got a little more interesting thanks to Nigel Knott, a four-star cornerback from Madison, MS.

Knott decided to take things to the next level and add a prop to his video.

Best one yet? Double tap if that was sick! (Vine by @JPertlerhttps://t.co/TACR9DnKJ5

— Nigel Knott (@nigelk09) May 31, 2015

That’s just not human. Apparently, Knott’s been doing tricks like that since middle school.

That was 36 weeks ago, but started doing it in middle school @Tyler_Herrick2 pic.twitter.com/wbtd82drTl

— Nigel Knott (@nigelk09) May 30, 2015

The point of these videos is nothing but the “wow” factor. There’s nothing football related about them other than the fact these kids are catchings footballs.

It’s not like a wide receivers coach is going to have his group run a 10-yard hitch and then do a backflip catching the ball. They’re fun to watch, but some coaches may even get turned off by the fact the player felt it was necessary to make the video. It’s a serious risk of injury to do a stunt like that.

Doing it for the Vine doesn’t exactly translate to scholarship offers from D-1 programs. The only guaranteed result is some TV coverage and more social media followers.

[Lost Letterman]

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