Charles Barkley To Donate $1 Million To Auburn, $3 Million Total

Charles Barkley is digging into his bank account to give Auburn University a hefty donation. On Tuesday, Barkley announced that he’d be shelling out $1 million to AU this year, according to Brandon Marcello of

But that’s not the only donation he’s making. He’ll also be giving $1 million each to Wounded Warrior and Morehouse University.

“I think we’ve had a conversation about how much I respect and admire what all you soldiers do,” stated Barkley while speaking to Cpl. Chad Pfeifer on a conference call for the American Century Championship’s celebrity golf tournament. “So I just got a new contract. And my goal is always to, I try to give a million dollars a year away to charity. So I was going to announce Friday, I didn’t know you were going to be on the conference call, but I’ll announce now. I’m announcing Friday that I’m giving Auburn another million dollars. I’m giving Wounded Warriors a million dollars and I’m giving Morehouse University in Atlanta, each one of (you) all a million dollars. And I just want to thank you personally for having the stones to go to war, and I think it’s a joke the way they treat our soldiers.”

It’s a commendable gesture from Barkley, whose estimated net worth is $30 million. He played basketball for the Tigers from 1981-84, before being selected No. 5 overall by the Philadelphia 76ers.

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