Tosh.O Lane Kiffin Skit Is The Call-In Show The World Needs

I’d be willing to bet even the Tosh.O haters out there would enjoy this Lane Kiffin skit. Hell, the Kiffster himself would probably get a good laugh out of watching it. It’s just that good.

Warning: NSFW language used.

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I know what you’re thinking: the “Kiffin’s Krimson Korner” call-in show needs to happen.

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Daniel Tosh really knocked this one out of the park. He saw a pitched grooved down the center of the plate and took it yard. Tosh’s audience is the 18-35 range of males that are hip to pop culture, sports and viral humor. Going after Lane Kiffin and his wife for their move to Alabama was fish in a barrel. Going with the triple K, that’s a sneaky shot at the Deep South’s ugly history with racism.

The skit went viral, and apparently made its way to Kiffin at some point. During the season, prior to his return to Knoxville, CBS Sports ran an expose on Kiffin, his family, and the impact of the move. In the piece, Kiffin’s mother said that she was forwarded the video from her son, and that she felt it was in poor taste.

“Lane sent it to me on a family group text,” said Robin Kiffin, Lane’s mother. “It was awful. That language is horrible. … They never leave him alone. I don’t see them picking on anybody else like that. That guy at Texas Tech (Mike Leach), he locked a quarterback in a shed and he gets another job. Are they still talking about that? No. The Arkansas guy (Bobby Petrino) gets caught on a motorcycle wreck with another woman and he gets another job. Are they talking about him? No.”

Though jokes were abound with Kiffin’s move to Tuscaloosa, the embattled figure ultimately had the last laugh. Alabama boasted a top-20 scoring offense (notching 36.9 points per game), fielded a top-20 total offense (484.5 yards per game), and threw for nearly 30 extra yards per game with a new quarterback under center.

Under Kiffin’s guidance, Amari Cooper won the Biletnikoff Award and set every major receiving record for Alabama. Blake Sims blossomed from a perennial backup to a bonafide superstar. And Derrick Henry and TJ Yeldon flourished.

Kiffin was able to nestle quietly behind Nick Saban’s large, overarching shadow and do his job. Less press conferences, more offensive philosophy. He was the only offensive coordinator to coach from the sidelines under Saban. Kiffin ended up as a finalist for the Frank Broyles Award, which is given to the nation’s top assistant coach.

Tosh nailed the short game, Kiffin’s long play was even more solid. Even better, Kiffin is staying at Alabama for the 2015 season, meaning we might see Kiffin’s Krimson Korner Part Deux.

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