Top 25 Colleges With Most NFL Draft Picks All-Time

When it comes to bragging rights, “Which college produces the most NFL talent” sits right behind national championships, rivalry victories, and Heisman winners. Typically all four of the aforementioned go hand in hand. The more NFL talent a school produces, the more likely they’ll be in the title hunt on a consistent basis.

For instance, the USC Trojans lead all colleges with most NFL Draft picks all-time at 487, just edging out arch-rival Notre Dame. USC has also won 11 claimed national championships, seven Heismans, and 38 conference titles. The Trojans machine has been well oiled for a long time.

One surprise, especially given the absurd string of dominance recently, is the Alabama Crimson Tide just squeaking in the top 10. It seems like every other player under Nick Saban has been a draft pick. However, Alabama is more than 150 selections behind USC with a total of 319. That goes to show the type of team football the Tide has played throughout the years – it’s just as much about the name on the front of the jersey as the one on the back.

Only three teams have had more than 400 players drafted: USC, Notre Dame (485), and Ohio State (413).

A total of 15 teams have had 300 or more players selected in the NFL Draft.

Unlike the modern era of college football, the list is not dominated by the SEC, but rather traditional powers spread across the country (i.e. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, Penn State, etc.). As the years go by, however, expect the numbers to shift in favor of warmer climates (i.e. Texas, Florida, and remain in California).

A few teams you may not expect to see in the top 25, at least given recent history, are Minnesota, Colorado and Purdue – all three schools have combined for two winning seasons over the past five season.

Newly-established power Oregon was nowhere near the top 25, with 207 total picks – 37 colleges have more.

Without further ado, here are the college football rankings for most NFL Draft picks all-time heading into the 2015 NFL Draft.

Top 25 Colleges With Most NFL Draft Picks All-Time

1. USC – 487
2. Notre Dame – 485
3. Ohio State – 413
4. Oklahoma – 367
5. Nebraska – 350
6. Michigan – 345
7. Tennessee – 337
8. Penn State – 335
9. Texas – 332
10. Alabama – 319
11. Miami (FL) – 318
12. Florida – 316
13. Louisiana State – 311
14. Georgia – 306
15. UCLA – 300
16. Michigan State – 299
17. Washington – 281
18. Purdue – 276
19. Pittsburgh – 271
20. Texas A&M – 269
T-21. Colorado – 266
T-21. Wisconsin – 266
23. Minnesota – 258
24. Auburn – 257
25. Arkansas – 253

Just Missed The Cut: Florida State 245, Stanford 243, Iowa 242, Illinois 241

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