College Football’s Biggest Receiver Will Scare You And Every DB In America

Inhuman size. Inhuman skill.

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Baylor has a bear on its football team. You’re probably like, no duh, they are the Bears. No, really, a bear. His name is LaQuan McGowan and he is a 6-foot-7, 410-pound giant. You’re probably like, that’s one big dude, but who cares, there are a lot of giant football players on the offensive and defensive lines. McGowan is not a lineman. He’s a receiver. A 6-foot-7, 410-pound receiver (to be specific, McGowan is technically listed as a tight end).

You’re probably like, but can he play? Take a look at his hands for yourself …

Considering just how big of a human being McGowan is, it’s not surprise that he has monster mitts to snatch balls out of thin air. But still, it’s impressive when someone his size has that type of coordination. This kind of athleticism is unrivalled around college football right now, and with a little bit of luck and hard work, this guy could really turn out to be something. There is barely anyone that can compete with him physically on the field, and especially not as his position.

Tall and Fast

Imagine being a cornerback or safety and seeing this man with a full head of steam rumbling downhill at you. Better go for the legs, or just trip. Probably just trip and hopefully a linebacker catches him. Oh yeah, did I mention he runs a 4.55? Nah, just playing. That make defenders and opposing coaches poop their pants.

Any chance this kid can make the pros? Guess we will have to wait and see. What we do know is that he is not human, at least not when it comes to sports. Can’t wait to see this guy destroying defences around the league, and snatching the ball out of mid-air with his giant hands. He will definitely be a treat to watch this season.

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