Which College Football Play Still Gives You Chills?

An interesting topic was recently posted in Reddit’s College Football category (one of the best subreddits on the site) asking commenters the most exciting play in their teams’ histories.

Numerous fan bases weighed in on their favorites, so we rounded up some of the best and shared them here for your viewing pleasure.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Miami’s Lamar Thomas famously said prior to the 1992 matchup, “Alabama’s cornerbacks don’t impress me one bit. They’re overrated. Real men don’t play zone defense and we’ll show them a thing or two come January 1. They too slow.”

Then this play happened.

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Auburn Tigers

Reddit’s Auburn fans bypassed the obvious choice and instead went with Ricardo Louis’ game-winning catch against Georgia on November 16, 2013 called “The Prayer at Jordan-Hare.”

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Boise State Broncos

The last two plays in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl were enough to take the top two spots in SportsCenter’s nightly countdown.

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Boston College Eagles

You can’t call yourself a college football fan without having seen Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary against Miami in 1984.

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California Golden Bears

Simply called “The Play,” the last 5 minutes of the Cal/Stanford 1982 game are incredible.


Florida Gators

Danny Wuerffel throws a touchdown pass to Chris Doering with two seconds left on the clock to beat Kentucky back in 1993.

via MrCaboose96

Florida State Seminoles

Bobby Bowden’s famous trick play against Clemson in 1988.

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LSU Tigers

November 2002, the Kentucky Wildcats had the game won. Until they didn’t.

via hab12690

Michigan State Spartans

Inspired by the move “Little Giants,” MSU faked a field goal to beat Notre Dame in 2010

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Nebraska Cornhuskers

In 1971, this was dubbed the “Game of the Century.” Johnny Rogers returned a punt to win the contest with the iconic call “Man, woman and child, did that put ‘em in the aisles!”

via Poppeseed

Oregon Ducks

Known as “The Pick” Kenny Wheaton returned a red zone interception for a touchdown to beat Washington in 1994.

via CambodianDrywall

Rutgers Scarlet Knights

What was called “Pandemonium in Piscataway,” this victory against the Louisville Cardinals in 2006 was the biggest in school history.

via CFSparta92

Tennessee Volunteers

Two undefeated teams faced off against each other in 1998 and Arkansas had the game won until the famous “stumbled and fumbled” play.

via JustLookWhoItIs

Texas A&M Aggies

The 1998 Big 12 Championship game against Kansas State went to two overtimes before the Aggies hauled in the touchdown to beat the heavily favored Wildcats.

Honorable mention: The Hit.

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Texas Tech Red Raiders

Michael Crabtree’s game winning touchdown against Texas in November 2008.

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USC Trojans

The goal line stand between USC and Notre Dame in 2005 that became known as “The Bush Push.”

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Virginia Tech Hokies 

After Nebraska racked up a slew of penalties and punted on 4th and goal, the Hokies came back to win in 2009.

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