10 Reasons Why You Can’t Beat A Cantina On UF Gameday

A tidal wave of anticipation and beer is fast approaching Gainesville as UF vs. LSU weekend is upon us.

Although we won’t be stumbling down Bourbon Street clutching our 17th hand grenade this time around, we still get the opportunity to wreak havoc on the streets of Gainesville, sans the fear of getting pink-eye from a New Orleans stripper.

We at GainesvilleScene are keeping you and your organs in our thoughts as we all mentally and physically prepare for the land of tiki bars, tequila, tacos and tents. Yes, we are referring to the oasis of Midtown: 101 Cantina.

You may be asking yourself,  “Why does this Mexican-style  bar make for an unforgettable gameday that you will ultimately not remember?”

Seasoned veterans may know the answer(s) to that questions, but let us refresh your memories, or enlighten those who are blissfully unaware:

1. When the tents go up, the energy goes up. Come Friday when the usually crowded parking lot finally empties out, the mood of Midtown changes. The tents are a symbol of our party-school roots and a sign that it’s time to let loose.

2. Nothing is better than drunkenly devouring Cantina quesadillas or sneaking scoops of queso from the table next to you when nobody is paying attention. The gooey liquid cheese coats the stomach in a beautiful way and can prepare you for the hours of imbibing ahead.

3. One place, four distinct atmospheres. The front inside bar, the back tiki bar, the dance floor and the outside bars all provide a different vibe. You can journey from spot to spot meeting new people and finding your groove.

4. Tequila makes people crazy. All hail the blue agave plant because its hypnotic powers tend to make even tamest person go f*cking nuts. Whether you choose silver or gold, remember: Salt, shot, lime…repeat.

6. It’s shamelessly facey. There’s an unspoken rule that everyone who is anyone will make an appearance.

5. Smoking. Hot. Bartenders.

7. You haven’t really experienced Gainesville unless you’ve experience a BOMO at Cantina on gameday. (BOMO = blackout makeout). Cross that shit off your bucketlist ASAP.

8. Remember what we said about tequila? Well, vodka soda doubles share similar qualities. After enough plastic cups of that simple yet powerful combination, the stage set up outside will be calling your name and your brain will trick you: Trust me, you can dance. 

9. Speaking of dancing… Dance circles. So many dance circles. Wear heels at your own risk.

10. Even if you’re celebrating game day without copious amounts of liquor, surrounding yourself with the crowd at Cantina will make you drunk and loose by osmosis. But also… There are, like, 10 different bars, so why wouldn’t you be drinking?

Happy LSU weekend to all. Party semi-responsibly.

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