Rough Day At The Office For Charlie Strong And These Tiger Cubs

How’s work treating you today? Hopefully it’s going as well as Charlie Strong’s stressful day watching a couple of tiger cubs play. Rough day at the office for Strong.

Another day at the office. @Strong_TexasFB decided he was gunna bring his pets to work.. #HookEm #TexasFight

— Dalton Santos (@Daltonsantos55) June 2, 2015

I imagine this is exactly the type of red carpet Texas rolled out when the Longhorns were wooing Strong.

“Hey Charlie, do you like tiger cubs? Of course you like tiger cubs. Everyone likes tiger cubs. Remember when you wanted to play with tiger cubs as a kid? This is Texas, we can make that happen. We can make anything happen. We’ve got more money than America.”  

Nobody turns down tiger cubs. Nobody. 

You’re gonna have to speak up, son. I can’t hear you over these tiger cubs in my office BECAUSE THIS IS TEXAS.

— Mark Ennis (@MarkEnnis) June 2, 2015

Wait, Charlie Strong has pet tigers?!

— Kami Mattioli (@kmattio) June 2, 2015

Charlie strong the goat for that picture

— mr.unreliable (@mr_blah_blah__) June 2, 2015

Life’s good.

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