Columnist Upset With South Carolina Paying Remainder Of Steve Spurrier’s Salary

When Steve Spurrier abruptly resigned as head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks halfway through the 2015 season, there were many critics out there who labeled him as a quitter and took him to task for abandoning the team before the season was over.

One writer in the state, Post & Courier columnist Gene Sapakoff, is turning his venom toward the university for its decision to pay the remainder of Spurrier’s salary for the 2015 season, despite him not working for half the time:

But shame on South Carolina now that the cash-strapped school has decided to pay Spurrier his full $4,028,000 for 2015. Though South Carolina considers the post-quitting payment due Spurrier a $900,000 payoff, Spurrier deserves only $2,014,000 for the year — half a salary for half a season.

It’s a travesty of wasteful spending at our state’s largest public institution of higher learning.

What are your thoughts? Should Spurrier still be paid for the remainder of the season even though he quit before it was over? Leave your comments below!

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