Tampa Bay Lineman Has Interesting Words For Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ prized draft pick. After leading the Florida State Seminoles back to the promised land, Winston has been tabbed to do the same thing for the Bucs.

One veteran player on Tampa Bay doesn’t believe Winston is ready to lead just yet, however. Center Evan Dietrich-Smith thinks Winston needs to first learn how to do things the “Bucs way.”

According to JoeBucsFan.com, when Winston’s name was brought up to Smith on Monday, he had some interesting advice for his team’s new quarterback.

Smith noted Mike Glennon is the starter (currently) and refused to even address Jameis by name — only used the pronoun “he” when referring to Jameis.

Smith wasn’t bashing Jameis, saying he was “excited to have him in the building.” Smith actually had a few compliments about Jameis and then Smith dropped this:

“We have plenty of leaders on this team, plenty of leaders in this locker room. … We’ve got guys who lead on this team. We’ve got guys who can play football. … He has to learn how we do things around here. … You have to fall into the Bucs way. Follow the older guys. Guys have been doing this for a while. We know what to do.”

I’m not sure what the “Bucs way” is, but I do know that the only way the franchise has been living recently is in the loss column. The team won just two games last season, four the year before, seven in 2012, and four in 2011. Over the course of the past four years, Tampa Bay has notched a total of 17 victories.

Sure, all rookies have to pay their dues, but Winston will be the starter come day one next season. He is the future of the franchise, and he’s only ever won. That’s something the Bucs may want to fall in line behind.

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