Gators Have Embarrassing Spelling Error On Offer To 2016 Recruit

August 1st, as we documented earlier, is an important day in the world of college football recruiting. It’s the first day where schools can officially give written offers to potential student athletes. In these letters, schools try to sell students on the athletic and academic history and tradition of those schools.

The Florida Gators decided to personalize their offers by telling prospective athletes that they would be “walking the same halls” as some of the greats to play for the program, as can be seen on this one to Tampa area wide receiver Nate Craig-Myers:


Let’s take a look at what great receivers in Florida history the school decided to showcase:


For those scoring at home, that Gator great is Cris COLLINSWORTH, not Collingsworth. No one in the athletic department decided to check on these before they were sent out. I get that most prospective athletes only known Collinsworth from his commentating on NBC’s Sunday Night Football and not from his days in Gainesville, but that’s a major error that can’t be laughed off when you can’t even get the names right of one of your school’s “legends”.

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