Florida, LSU Players Beefing Over Gators Claiming UF Is ‘DBU’

A few Florida and LSU players are cooking up some offseason beef on Twitter over a video recently posted to YouTube claiming the Gators are “DBU.”

The highlight reel, which paints Florida as “Defensive Back University,” has been circling the Internet this past week. Following is the clip, as well as Florida’s official Twitter account anointing UF the king of the secondary.

The Tigers didn’t take kindly to the Gators laying claim to their title.

Florida “DBU” videos real cute #Impostors

— SLICK RICK (@Self_Made8_) May 15, 2015

https://t.co/qqhcuImYkS — Vernon Hargreaves (@_VH3) May 15, 2015

lol u nervous ? https://t.co/C6khVDWh9N — Vernon Hargreaves (@_VH3) May 15, 2015

This the boy that @_fournette ran over ? And he left the game ? https://t.co/PgKbasp018 — SLICK RICK (@Self_Made8_) May 15, 2015

Y u want to be a gator… We on your mind everyday fam!! https://t.co/6ClnaKGurK — Money Mitch (@dc_wilson954) May 15, 2015

This is a friendly reminder to circle your calendar for October 17, if you haven’t already.

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