Florida Restaurant Refuses Service To LSU Fans During Saturday’s Game

For those who don’t live in SEC country and think that Florida vs. LSU isn’t one of the conference’s top rivalries, I give you this story.

A restaurant in the state of Florida is under fire after refusing service to a group because of who they were rooting for:

Don Bass of Kiln, Miss., told NOLA.com he was shown the door (at Harry T.’s Lighthouse in Destin, Florida) last weekend after reserving a table for 20 once he arrived at the establishment wearing an LSU hat. Bass was in town for a wedding and his party needed a place to watch Saturday evening’s Florida-LSU game.

“The response was amazing. It was outrageous. I don’t think the Florida fans minded. By no means do I look menacing. It’s second nature to me to have that hat on. I’ve never experienced anything like that. The whole back area was empty. The front was taken by the Florida alumni.”

The restaurant says it usually is reserved for Florida fans and alumni as a watch party location for games. They also said LSU fans in the past had altercations with restaurant employees, so they restrict entry to fans of the school based on that reason. Cue the lawyers in 3, 2, 1 …

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