FOX Sports Analyst Rips Ohio State Players, Fans Over Grammar Issues

Whether you’re writing a column or composing a tweet, checking your spelling and whether or not you are using proper grammar is something many people forget to do before hitting the “send” button. It can backfire against the writer, as people will miss your message and jump at the chance to call you out.

One analyst for FOX Sports, Clay Travis, has had it with what he calls bad grammar and has made it his personal mission to take a big red pen and correct everyone’s writings, while at the same time taking a shot at Ohio State players, fans and the entire Big Ten Conference:

Does Travis really want to insult another conference’s academics and the intelligence of its fans when he attended an SEC school? Seems as if Travis is letting his personal dislike for Ohio State (cough cough … Eddie George and his wife rumors) come out in this one.

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