George O’Leary Has A Great Plan For Spring Football Games

Tired of your school’s traditional spring football game, aka glorified team scrimmage? UCF head coach George O’Leary is too, and he’s ready to make a big change.

The Knights held their annual spring game this past Saturday, and while O’Leary walked away satisfied with what he saw, he believes there’s a much better way to evaluate a team’s talent in spring. O’Leary wants state schools to schedule exhibition games against one another.

“I’d much rather see the competition level improve that way. Where you can make a true evaluation of where you’re at and give the money to charity,” stated O’Leary. “You’re not going to game plan things. You just go out and execute, take the kicking game out of it and I think it would be a lot more fun. At least you’d get a lot more interest in the spring games.”

We’re digging what O’Leary is proposing.

While it would be an exhibition game and the outcome wouldn’t count towards anything, their would be a ton of pride on the line. The competition during spring would only increase as players would have something greater to look forward to.

The games would also bring a lot more excitement to each fan base, and the amount of money that could be generated for charity would be well worth it.

There’s always the risk of injury, but that risk exists in traditional spring football games, and any practice in general.

Larger programs, like Florida and Florida State, might also be hesitant to schedule a smaller program due to a potential “loss.” However, it would only make each team better in the long run.

O’Leary’s idea is a win-win for everyone.

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