Gus Malzahn May Have Just Fired A Shot At Jim Harbaugh By Blocking Transfer

Auburn safety Derrick Moncreif has been granted a release to transfer, but the Tigers have placed a few stipulations on where he’ll be able to play next. Moncreif won’t be allowed to transfer to any SEC schools, opposing teams on Auburn’s schedule, or, and this is where it gets interesting, Michigan.

Not only was Michigan blocked by Gus Malzahn, but there was no reason given to why Moncrief won’t be allowed to take his talents to Ann Arbor. Considering all other Big Ten teams are in play, we can make an educated guess that Malzahn is doing his best to big league Jim Harbaugh. Malzahn is not pleased with Harbaugh’s satellite camp strategy, and this could very well be a shot back at Michigan’s new head coach.

Fans seem to feel that it is.

*UPDATE* In the end, Moncreif did eventually receive a release for Michigan as well.

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