Jimbo Fisher Wants FSU’s Rivalry Games At Same Time Each Season

If nothing else, Florida State Seminoles head football coach Jimbo Fisher is a creature of habit. It shows in how the team has been prepared for games … structure breeds success. Fisher feels the same way about the games on FSU’s schedule.

For years, the Seminoles always had two of their non-conference games scheduled by playing Miami and Florida. When Miami joined the ACC, it was structured so the two schools would be in opposite divisions, but would stay the primary opponent for each other and play every year.

While the Florida game is still played every season the weekend after Thanksgiving since the 1980 season (except for the five seasons between 1997 and 2001), the game with Miami has been all over the map. From opening the season to the game before Florida, the Seminoles don’t know exactly when they will play Miami of late. And that’s something Fisher wants fixed ASAP:

Jimbo Fisher on timing of Miami game: To me, it’s tradition that it’s played early October. I want it played there every year.

— Bud Elliott (@TomahawkNation) July 21, 2015

“In last 25 years, has any game had more impact on college football than Florida State-Miami,” Fisher asks?

— Bud Elliott (@TomahawkNation) July 21, 2015

Since Fisher has taken over, the game has been played October 9, November 12, October 20, November 2 and November 15.

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