LSU Admits To Changing Contract Of Former Coordinator After It Was Signed

As the ongoing case continues involving current Texas A&M defensive coordinator John Chavis and his former employer, LSU, a major development was released that the Tigers didn’t want to admit took place but are now forced to:

LSU, in filings this week, admitted to altering the contract of former LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis after the coach signed the deal, but the school contends the alterations were “nominal” and did not affect its terms.

In filings made Tuesday morning, LSU admits to altering the 2012 contract of Chavis after the coach signed it – one of Chavis’ claims in the on-going lawsuit between the two parties.

“It’s exactly what coach has been saying all along, that the contract was altered after he signed it in 2012,” said Jill Craft, attorney for Chavis. “You can’t alter a contract and try to claim it’s valid and you certainly can’t sue over it. One of the things they did admit was altered was the buyout provision. In some sense, it’s vindication.”

Bob Barton, representing LSU, released a statement to The Advocate on Thursday, calling the alterations “innocent, unintentional and immaterial.”

Chavis is suing the school for close to $650,000, while LSU is countersuing for $400,000.

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