Fans Are Pumped Mark May Is Out At ‘College Football Final,’ Until They See His Replacement

ESPN’s popular college football show, “College Football Final,” will look a lot different in 2015. Rece Davis has been promoted to “College GameDay,” the show parted ways with Lou Holtz, and now it’s been announced that Mark May will be gone too.

Sports Business Daily reported the news on Monday morning, which kicked the week off on the right foot for a lot of fans.

Mark May is the Pitt-sized divot in my football life and his absence fills me with unbridled joy.

— Jane Coaston (@cjane87) June 1, 2015


— Jane Coaston (@cjane87) June 1, 2015

The biggest issue I had with Mark May was that he was so completely out of place as a fake analyst. He tainted the entire ESPN CFB product.

— Tony Gerdeman (@GerdOZone) June 1, 2015

Mark May officially out at College Football Final.

— (@LostLettermen) June 1, 2015

So Mark May the biggest Ohio State hater who openly admitted to hating OSU fans removed from CFB Finale replaced by a Buckeye. #Karma — jbook™ (@jbook37) June 1, 2015

.@mark_may hey buddy there are worse things than losing your job at ESPN to an Ohio State grad — Ramzy Nasrallah (@ramzy) June 1, 2015

Mark May gone! — Mekka Don (@MekkaDonMusic) June 1, 2015

Mark May is off of College Football Final, oh what a pity (heavy sarcasm) — Brad James (@BroncosItaly) June 1, 2015


Mark May, How do you get fired on your day off?? @KenCarman @smsommers84 @AdamtheBullFAN @TheBuckeyeNut

— SpaceCityBrownsFan (@Browns_Fan32) June 1, 2015

But the joy of May’s departure from the show – he’ll still be part of ESPN’s college football crew – didn’t last long. He and Holtz will be replaced by former players Joey Galloway (Ohio State) and Danny Kanell (Florida State), while Adnan Virk will step in for Davis. Galloway and Kanell already have a pretty strong following of haters.

I am saddened by this Mark May news, in part because I enjoyed laughing at him, but mostly because Joey Galloway is unambiguously awful.

— Farmer Jones (@thefarmerjones) June 1, 2015

So instead of Mark May and Lou Holtz, we get Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway. Meh. — (@LostLettermen) June 1, 2015

I read GREAT news this morning. Mark May will no longer be on College Gameday Final. BUT… He’s being replace by Joey Galloway #badmoveESPN

— The Michigan Insider (@michiganinsider) June 1, 2015

“Mark May is out.” “That’s good!” “He was replaced by Joey Galloway.” … “That’s bad.” — Bryan Mac (@Bry_Mac) June 1, 2015

So no more Mark May and Holtz, now we get Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway?

— tre (@tblack) June 1, 2015

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter who you slide into the two spots, they’re going to find a way to make fans unhappy. It’s what they’re supposed to do; it’s their job to spark talk among fans.

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