Miami Scholarship Offer To Recruits Will Make You Laugh At The Program

Schools and teams love to live off past accomplishments when they have nothing in recent history to show off. Notre Dame and the Dallas Cowboys are two fine examples. Another college football program that seems to think it is still relevant is the Miami Hurricanes.

While schools across the country were sending out official written offers to recruits on Saturday, Miami joined in the party and sent out this club promotional flyer letter out to prospective athletes highlighting the program:

Now, there are a few … okay, a lot … of things wrong with this. I’ll hit the main points:

• It’s Miami-Dade County, not Dade County … has been since 2003.
• Quoting players from games in 2000 and 2001? That’s the best you can do?
• The $607 Million in upgrades is mostly the money Stephen Ross is spending on Sun Life Stadium for the Dolphins. He’s not spending it on the Hurricanes … they’re just a seven-day a year tenant.
• At the bottom, the recruit has to be reminded that this is a football scholarship notice and not a flyer to get in to Club LIV with no cover charge before 11pm.

Where is the talk of the recent success? I mean, I’m sure they could have found room on there to talk about the program’s last conference title (2003) or bowl win (2006).

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