Michigan Sent This Letter To A Recruit’s Girlfriend, Because That’s Not Creepy

It’s now apparent that Jim Harbaugh is using the FBI/CIA/GS-13 method of recruiting kids. Essentially: anyone tangentially related to a high school prospect is fair game. First it was Jimmy H Twitter stalking a kid, finding out how dude asked his girl out to prom, and then replicating the method with his own prom-style recruiting pitch.

Six degrees of separation

Now he has his son Jay totally bypassing the recruit and going right for the young man’s girlfriend. Not that a grown man writing letters to high school girls is creepy or anything. Nothing strange about that at all.

A photo of the letter was originally on Twitter, but has since been deleted. Thankfully the cats over at Barstool snapped a screenshot to live in infamy.

The recruit

The recruit who’s the apple of Harbaugh’s eye is Naseir Upshur, a 4-star tight end out of Philly, whose ranked as the nation’s No. 5 TE by 247Composite (an industry-wide average). Below is a look at his highlight reel.

Are college coaches going too far these days? I mean, shouldn’t there be a line that shouldn’t be crossed. It’s only sports. These kids need to live their lives and not worry about being bothered. Especially the people close to them who have nothing to do with the sport. Something should be done to make sure these kids are protected, shouldn’t it?

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