NBC Host Rips Paul Finebaum Over Criticism Of Miami Hurricanes

For three days now, the once proud Miami Hurricanes program has become a punchline after a historically bad loss Saturday to Clemson, which prompted the firing of head coach Al Golden.

Some in the sports media, including this website, have said the team and its fans are too busy looking back into the past to move the program forward. The sentiment was echoed by SEC Network host Paul Finebaum:

“I think Miami is just an absolutely terrible job. I think this program is bankrupt. I think it has a delusional fanbase thinking this is the ’80s and the ’90s and maybe even the early part of the new millennium. I don’t get it. I don’t know why any coach in their right mind would want this job.”

“They’re living in the past with no future.”

Some fans of the school are going on the defensive against that criticism. One of those fans is the host of Meet The Press and Miami native Chuck Todd:

Needless to say, SEC fans took to Twitter and exploded on Todd:

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