Nick Saban Just Did The Unthinkable At A Golf Tournament

The Iron Bowl rivalry has been throwing me for a loop the past couple of days. Usually there is a strong dividing line between Alabama and Auburn fans, but not recently.

The confusion started with a Crimson Tide fan’s Auburn license plate. Sure, it’s meant to troll the Tigers, but as a fan I could never put the colors of my rival on anything I owned. I even hate those house-divided plates. My hypothetical wife can keep her ugly colors to herself.

And then there’s Nick Saban signing a kid’s Auburn football on Wednesday at the Regions Tradition Pro-Am. With one fell swoop of the pen, Saban completely changed the existence of this piece of Tigers memorabilia. Poor ball doesn’t know what to do with itself now. Is it Alabama? Is it Auburn? Saban is the devil.

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