Ohio State AD Lays Braxton Miller Transfer Talk To Bed

If Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith knows anything about Buckeyes sports, and we’re guessing he does, it appears that Braxton Miller will finish his career in Columbus.

In a recent interview with Eleven Warriors, Smith was confident that Miller wouldn’t transfer to another school this offseason.

“No. He’s not going anywhere,” Smith said. “Where’s the rumors? He’s never said that.”

“If you pay attention to him, he’s not going anywhere. He loves it here first and foremost. He has a child. He’s from here. He’s in a good position. We have his medical records. Keep in mind, he’s had challenges physically over the years. So he knows that this is a place where we’re going to help him, we’re going to take care of him.”

According to Smith, Miller has even told him he intends to stay in Columbus. He also believes Miller would have already left if he was going to.

“My conversation with him was well before spring ball. He’s working out in the weight room and we got into a conversation and I just asked him, I said, ‘You good? All these rumors out there, you good? You need some help if you want to transfer?’” Smith said. “He said, ‘Mr. Smith, I’m not going anywhere. I love it here.’”

“If he was (going to leave) it would have happened. That’s what, when I keep seeing that out there, I’m like, ‘What are they doing? Why wouldn’t they be objective with what reality is?’”

Barring a change from Miller, he’ll enter fall camp in a three-way battle with fellow quarterbacks Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett for the starting position. Many believe that Jones is the man to beat heading into next season.

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