Ohio State Captain Trolls Oregon After March Madness Loss

It’s only been a few months since Ohio State rocked Oregon in the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship Game, but hey, after you’ve killed a school’s mojo it’s best to snuff it out and really ensure that there’s no lingering flame. Nothing wrong with a little rivalry if you ask me, and I don’t mind a little trash talking either. Especially in today’s day and age where it seems to be leaving the public eye at an alarming rate. Anyways.

Captain of the team

Enter former captain tight end for the Buckeyes, Jeff Heuerman, who carpe diemed right over the Ducks with this banner Twitter troll. He thought it would be a good idea to rub some salt in the wound a little bit more. I guess it’s his right,though. After that stomping, you can pretty much say anything you want.

Oregon lost in the Round of 32 to No. 1 seeded Wisconsin; it was a close contest that the Ducks just couldn’t lock down. Too bad. It would have been nice to say them go a bit further in the tournament, seeing as how their fans are so rabid and they are nationally popular.

Oddly, Heuerman neglected to mention that Ohio State was waxed by Arizona (funny how that happens). Must’ve been distracted polishing his championship ring or something. What do you think? Should he keep the trash talking to before the game? Is it ok to rub it in afterwards?

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